WTB:Aged Barolo or Barbaresco

I have been stocking in these varieties for the last few years, the 2010 vintage, basically on faith that there is a pot of gold at the end of the aging rainbow. I would love to buy a properly stored and aged version of one or both of these in an effort to confirm.

Willing to spend what it takes as I will easily recoup in either abandoning future purchases or going even deeper now rather than later.

Interested in traditional or leans traditional.

Thanks and PM any offers.

call Chambers Street Wines in NYC

Questions - how much do you want to spend and what producers are you looking for? What’s your time to age these? I’m not so sure I’d buy the vintage as much as buy the producer? I’d also strongly look at 2001/2004/ 2006 as well. My 2 cents!

Have enjoyed Vajra, Vietti, Brovia and my favorite has been Cappellano Rupestri. No real price limit, but I am looking for what $100 bottle might turn into, rather than what an ultra premium is capable of.