WTB: 2000 Ch. Mouton Rothschild (cheap)

Not sure if I am clueless here, but WineCommune has some single bottles of 2000 Mouton sub-$500 in price (cannot tell if the postings are even current). Never used WineCommune before, so not sure the level of trust I have with them. I do no notice that retail is substantially higher. I’m looking for a single bottle for a special occasion coming up, but do have a low threshold on price. Any advice on where I can find one cheap? If I’m way off base, cool to let me know that as well.

Thanks all.


650 to 700 auction. 1K+ retail. I bought it on release for $350-ish, if I recall correctly. Amazing wine, btw…

Thanks Loren.

My cap is $500, which if you throw in seller’s premiums and shipping costs attendant to auction, perhaps that is a fair price.

Any takers!?

Cheers all.



Most likely if you click on the commune listings, it takes you to the store homepage. They have thousands of low ball listings that just provide a link to their store

acker internet auctions were about $850 all in. K&L auction recently closed at $1176 all in

i’ll take 30 cases at $500/btl

Thanks, Jordan, figures I was off-base. Oh well. I guess we will drink the 2001 . . .