WsOTY--2022 Edition--and your Discovery of the Year

No specific order

Champagne Laherte Freres “Les 7” Solera 2005-2018
Champagne Roger Coulon “L’Hommee”
Champagne “5 Sens” Olivier Horiot
Champagne VO Blanc de Blanc Jacques Selosse
Champagne Suenen, Blanc de Blanc
2008 Cristal
2008 Cristal Rose
1990 Deutz Champagne
2002 Ruinart Rose
2013 Perrier Jouet “Belle Epoque”
2015 Champagne Laherte Freres “Emprintes”
1989 Heidsieck “Diamant Bleu” Champagne
2008 Pierre Paillard Champagne “Le Grande Recolte”

2003 Chambolle Musigny Domaine Comte Georges de Vogue
1989 Chateau Latour
2000 Chateau Musar
2002 Puligny Montrachet “Le Cailleret” Domaine de Montille
2009 Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru “Les Charmes” Domaine des Chezeux
2003 Ornellaia
1998 Coule de Serrant, Nicolas Joly
2017 Les Vieux Clos, Nicolas Joly
2010 Marques de Tomates Blanco
2014 Il Marroneto Brunello
2008 Gerry Chambertin “Clos de la Justice”
1998 Bricco Fiasco Azelia Barolo
1970 Vina Real Gran Reserva
2013 Raveneau “Butteaux” Chablis Premier Cru
2013 Donnhoff “Felsenberg” GG
2016 Donnhoff “Felsenberg” GG
2013 Pechstein Dr. von Basserman Jordan
2011 Rara Avis Branco, Raul Perez

Quadrus 2011 Gran Reserva at $48 CAD, it punches way above it. A Duoro blend produced by local restaurant owners of Opus in Toronto

WOTY: Fox Creek Shiraz Reserve 1998 ( 96/100)
Special prize:: Forman Cabernet Sauvignon 1994 as the testament of the greatness Napa 1997 vintage.

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I think it’s about time someone points out the thread title should be WsOTY not WOTYs.
Hi Mike :grinning:


The problem with just adding them to the OP is that nobody will see that (at least I won’t as I don’t relook at the posts). This is why I did (and will continue to do) it as a reply.

I hope that you have a lot of additions to make over the next month plus and have a wonderful holiday season. One of the happy signs that the worst of Covid is over (I hope) this year has been the return of Mike on Tour. As always, enjoyed being part of the tour when you came to DC and enjoy reading about your other stops.

Discovery: Jouan, a well priced extremely fine Burgundy, a dying breed nowadays.

For WOTY, I have been very lucky. All older Right Bank Bordeaux: 1961 Trotanoy, 1949 and 1953 VCC.

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1976 Guigal Hermitage - Modest expectations and it was stellar. From a stash both I and my storage place had lost track of.

2016 P-Y Collin-Moret - Chassagne - Abbaye de Morgeot
2019 P-Y Collin-Moret - Chassagne - Abbaye de Morgeot
2019 Drouhin - Clos des Mouches blanc
2008 Ramey - Ritchie Vyd - Chardonnay

2015 Willi Schaeffer - Graacher Domprobst Auslese
2002 JJ Prum - Graacher Himmelreich Auslese
2009 Latour-Blanche

So far:
96 Salon
78 Grange
82 Latour
88 Soldera
02 Leroy Clos Vougeot

But the year isn’t over.

Great topic.

I recently attended a wine dinner where the 3rd wine of the night was a 1994 Latour which was good, but a little past it prime. The 2nd wine was a great discovery for me:
2016 Francois Carillon Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Champs-Gain

2010 Larkmead Firebelle (one of my all time favorites)
2020 Domaine De La Cote Memorious
2013 Sanford Pinot Noir Vista Al Rio
2019 Realm The Bard
2012 Marcassin Pinot Noir Marcassin Vineyard

Honorable Mentions:
2015 D.R. Stephens Cabernet Sauvignon
2018 Hendry Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve (Outstanding but very young)

I really also loved that 2019 Rivers-Marie Herb Lamb Cab Sauv - great bottle of wine

White WOTY - Tie between 2015 Emrich-Schönleber Frühlingsplätzchen Riesling GG and 2001 Muller-Catoir Haardter Mandelring Scheurebe Spätlese trocken

Red WOTY - 2012 Marcel Juge Cornas

Interesting how many German wines have made it onto this thread. Previous years seem a lot less.

MY 2022 WsOTY are heavily weighted towards 4 events: The Toronto Wine Elitist Cabal ™ 10th Anniversary dinner, the Mike Grammer hosted 2022 MEOW event, our Canadian Thanksgiving in the tiny hamlet of Saegertown, Pennsylvania, USA at our brother Berto Dorta’s and the 2022 Halpern Wine Tasting event. I did manage to provide one wine in own WOTY list but that doesn’t bode well for my collecting habits over the last decade. Time to depressure the cellar a la MEOW event style which is happening in Summer 2023 and then recalibrate selectively. Stay tuned for that announcement. On with the show

2022 WOTYs

Louis Roederer 2008 Cristal (TWEC 10th Anniversary/Canadian Thanksgiving in USA 2022)
Louis Roederer 2008 Cristal Rosé (TWEC 10th Anniversary)
Pol Roger 2006 Sir Winston Churchill (Canadian Thanksgiving in USA 2022)

Egon Muller 2020 Scharzhofberger Spatlese (Halpern 2022)
Hugel 2013 Grossi Laue Pinot Gris (Halpern 2022)
Keller 2013 Riesling RR (Canadian Thanksgiving in USA 2022)

Hugel 2013 Grossi Laue Pinot Noir (Halpern 2022)
Seavy 1994 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (Dinner at Paese with Chris Kostye and Catherine)
Dominus 2003 Dominus Napa Valley (Christian Moueix) (TWEC 10th Anniversary)
1998 Carmes Haut-Brion (MEOW 2022)
Fattoria dei Barbei 2010 Brunello di Montacino (MEOW 2022)

Klein Constantia 2016 Vin Constance (Halpern 2022)
Hugel 2012 Gewurztraminer Vendange Tardive (Halpern 2022)
Domaine Huet 2005 Clos du Bourg Vouvray Moelleux Premiere Trie (Dinner at Auberge du Pommier with Chris Kostye and Catherine)
Domaine Huet 2008 Le Mont Premiere Trie Vouvray (Canadian Thanksgiving in USA 2022)
Feiler-Artinger 2010 Ruster Ausbruch (Dinner at Paese with Chris Kostye and Catherine)
Kracher 2004 Scheurebe #4 TBA (Return of Bernie - Dinner at Velouté)
Kracher 2017 Chardonnay #10 TBA (TWEC 10th Anniversary)
Chateau Yquem 2001 Sauternes (MEOW 2022)
Chateau Rieussec 2001 Sauternes (MEOW 2022)


My criteria for Discovery of the Year is simple. Did it make me raise my eyebrow in surprise? Yes? To the point where I actually felt compelled to look up the wine on the Interweb just to learn more about it? Yes? It wins.

2017 A.F. Gros Moulin-A-Vent (MEOW 2022) – A Burgundy producer taking their first crack at Beaujolais and upending the whole process by forgoing carbonic maceration. The result was a superb Gamay wine unlike any I’ve had before.

1998 Carmes Haut-Brion (MEOW 2022) – I really hate Bore-dough wine. Overrated. Too expensive. Tastes like an ashtray. And then this gem comes along forcing me to reconsider my entire stance because I was so taken with it. This could get expensive in the future, because I am definitely up for more of this maker’s Bordeaux.

Feiler-Artinger 2010 Ruster Ausbruch (Dinner at Paese with Chris Kostye and Catherine) – A sweet boytris wine style that nobody’s ever heard of that turns out to best Kracher at its own game. Had I known how good this would be, I would have bought it by the caseload.

2022 SOTYs (BONUS)
Redbreast 27 YO Ruby Port Cask Irish Whiskey (Canadian Thanksgiving in USA)
Laphroig 25 YO Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Canadian Thanksgiving in USA)
Delord 1798 Bas-Armagnac (TWEC 10th Anniversary)

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Nothing else yet, but yes, I hope so too, Howard. And yes, it was a year of “retrieval” for me—to retrieve the things I like about myself and the things I like to do, one of which is definitely seeing you and the others in DC and other cities on that trip. Always a delight.


You’ve been spending time with Bob Fleming, I see :grin: But you’re right. I’m such a creature of habit, but I’ll change the title.

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Ha! Perfect response. Cheers, buddy!

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You always stick the s on the end even if the noun is earlier in the abbreviation, for example RBIs in baseball.

Anyway my answers:
C: 1983 DP
W: 2001 Leflaive Chevalier
R: 2004 Fonsalette
S: 1994 Fritz Haag Auction Auslese



I had some really nice wine this year but nothing came even close to a bottle of Guillaume Selosse’s Au Dessus du Gros Mont

Had it at Arpège with my wife for her 50th and while you would think there was some event/location bias, the wine was better than the food.

It’s as close to Champagne perfection as I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot of very good Champagne (including a lot of Anselme’s).

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How amazingly well 2000 Pichon Lalande is drinking right now

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I hope this bodes well for us next weekend!

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Polar opposite of my experience with ‘00 Pontet-Canet.


Rather than just a list of the most beautiful wines that I have been fortunate enough to experience this year, I have a question: What is the acronym for “wine of my lifetime?” WOML? For now, that will have to do. My WOML is not on my WOTY list- first, because it didn’t quite make the very very high bar for selection- but more importantly because it was more impactful on my life than any bottle of wine has a right to be.

The wine in question was a bottle of 1972 La Tache, procured on my behalf by a wonderful Berzerker who I was very fortunate to meet through this community. This led to a lunch of wines that I probably did not deserve, and, since meeting this individual, a dear friendship that I was most definitely not expecting.

Yesterday I went for a run/hike in the Virginia mountains, and while I was out for the six or so hours I had a chance to reflect on what I was thankful for this year. I’m thankful for this new and close friendship, of course. But I realized that, through that bottle and lunch, as well as a tasting in October, he has given me the amazing gift of stillness.

For some background, I’m always going-going-going, and I really never stop until I get so tired that I crash. The anthem for my childhood (and, possibly adulthood) was Billy Joel’s “Vienna.” : ) During this lunch, and during the tasting in October, I had wines that stopped me in my tracks, wines that demanded that I tune everything else out and experience their stunning brilliance. They made me be still in a way that I have never been in the 50 years of my life. Fast forward (always fast! always forward!) to Thanksgiving. Running through the mountains I have invariably recognized and appreciated sweeping vistas and dramatic scenery, but yesterday I stopped to listen to the slight breeze that rustled the leaves that still clung to the trees. It was only then that I realized the gift that I had been given, and that it was life-altering in a profound way. It also occurs to me as I am writing that this very much parallels my palate has changed over the past two years. I don’t think anyone outside of this community would do anything but laugh and tell me that wine could never have such an impact. But I think you all can probably relate.

So these are my wines of the year:

  • Krug Clos du Mesnil 2006
  • Coche-Dury Puligny-Montrachet “Les Ensiegneres” 2009
  • 1996 Dujac Clos Saint-Denis OR 2001 Bonnes Mares (it was one of these, but late in the lunch and I forgot which was to the left and which was to the right. Perhaps I should have been more focused, after all…)
  • VCC 1949

Discovery of the year:

  • JJ Prum 2012 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Auslese. I had never tried Prum, but stopped by Corti Bros (as one must do when in Sacramento!) and picked up a bottle on my way to the Sierras. Not life changing, but very pleasant and my first experience with Riesling. Also, something I will be able to drink again, unlike the others!