Wow.... Hendricks & Q Tonic Water

Is damn good!

I have always been a fan of Hendricks but I have never tried Q Tonic water. Saw if at Nugget Market for $8.99 a bottle and had to try it; mostly due to the price tag and the talk of all natural ingredients on the label. The tonic water itself is really pure, no sweetness that I tend to get from Schweppes.

Really good stuff, you get the essence of the gin and the nice additives of the tonic water. A bit pricey per bottle but it really makes a top shelf gin and tonic!

2 parts Hendricks
1 part Q Tonic Water
Garnish with a wedge of fresh cut lime

On it like Blue Bonnet.

I’ve already given the shopping boss this thread link so she can see if they have Q at Whole Paycheck

(I’m enjoying a Hendricks martini with a twist at the moment)

we pay 6.99 for a 4 pack at Fairway bottles are 187ml

great price and I like the 4 pack idea

I hate opening a whole bottle of tonic water as it seems to go bad before I can finish the whole thing

I bought a case of the 187s when it first came out. Good stuff. Haven’t re-upped yet though. Mostly drink Canada Dry cause it’s available at the Deli below my apt.

I do not really drink liquor (four or five cocktails a year), but Hendricks is very good. Wish i could readily get great tonic water around here, I just like it on ice.