Would you consider any of these Champagnes with sushi?

Sushi and Champagne (esp. blanc de blancs) is a big hit in our household. While trying lots of different styles I over and over again seem to enjoy the basic bone-dry NVs more in this setting than the more complex, developed and expensive options. However before I tuck one of my newly acquired JL Vergnon NVs in the fridge I would like to inquire the board if one of the following blanc de blancs might be crisp and minerally (i.e. not too big/ripe/oaky) enough to work well with fairly Western-style sushi:

2009 Jean Milan Champagne Grand Cru Cuvée Symphorine Blanc de Blancs Brut
2007 Jean Milan Champagne Grand Cru Transparence Blanc de Blancs Brut
2007 Roger Pouillon et Fils Champagne Les Valnons (a BdB from Aÿ)

Additionally it would be nice to hear general views on the 2007 vintage since there has not been a lot of discussion yet.

I haven’t tasted these specific vintages, but I’ve always felt that Jean Milan was on the relatively bigger, more ebullient side of the BdB spectrum. My knee-jerk reaction is to go with something a bit leaner/more linear. (But it’s all relative, of course, and also depends on the sushi :slight_smile: ).
(Incidentally, I just had sushi earlier tonight with Suenen’s Tradition. That worked really well.)

That is basically how I have understood Milan’s style to be, although I have only had the Grande Réserve 1864 which is priced slightly higher than these two. While fermented in oak and aged sur lattes under cork for something like 8 years it manages to be paradoxically firm and linear but not really what I would drink with the kind of sushi we usually eat.

Suenen’s name keeps popping up everywhere nowadays it seems. I guess I have to buy a bottle next time one comes my way!