Would appreciate your comments on our Napa itinerary

My wife and I are planning a trip to Napa from 17 to 19 December 2018. We are based in Asia, and I don’t get to travel often because of my work. So this trip is sort of a special one for us.

Here is our current tentative itinerary, which I have put together after having looked at the many helpful posts on this subject on the board and speaking to some friends who have been to Napa recently. This will be our first time in Napa.

We’ll be staying at the Vineyard Country Inn in St Helena.

Any suggestions, advice, or comments would be very much appreciated. Many thanks!

On a related note, I suspect that we might end up buying more wine than we can feasibly pack into our check-in luggage. champagne.gif Does anyone know if there are companies in Napa who will ship our wine back home (to Asia) for us?


17 December 2018

Drive up to Napa from SF

Lunch @ Oakville Grocery

3pm with Lokoya (confirmed)

Dinner @ Ad Hoc [We have seen mixed reviews of Ad Hoc online. Are there other restaurants you would recommend?]

18 December 2018
We hope to taste: Corison, Alpha Omega (no reservations confirmed yet)

Lunch @ Auberge

Dinner @ Bistro Jeanty

19 December 2018
11am with Myriad (confirmed)

Lunch @ Solbar

4pm with Failla (unconfirmed)

Dinner @ Farmstead

20 December 2018
One last tasting before lunch: [Any suggestions? I was thinking of trying Blankiet, but I was also wondering if Ovid or Promontory would be worth visiting. I’ve seen a few positive reviews on this board and heard some good things from friends.]

Lunch @ Addendum or Oxbow Market

Leave Napa for San Jose

Seems good focused which is great. Dinner: would u want fancy? Restaurant @ Meadowood is pretty amazing. I think they might have their “12 days of Christmas” theme going on during your days but u can investigate.

Try continuum. Lovely visit.

Ovid is expensive but very well made wine, sort of mid-way between restrained and fruit bomb. The site and views are great and the people are very nice. I’ve been up there twice and it’s pretty memorable.

Very nice itinerary! Try the fish tacos at Solbar. If you have time, visit Switchback Ridge (right across the street from Solbar).

Ad Hoc is family styled dining. Consider Redd for upscale or Redd Wood for informal. They are both excellent.

Didn’t Redd just close? [cry.gif]

Yes, Redd is now closed. Redd Wood pizza is still open and quite good.

Timing wise it looks like a very good, leisurely itinerary. Many people try to cram too much into each day, I think you’re doing it the right way. I would recommend Bistro Jeanty for dinner, but Ad Hoc is good. The difference is that Ad Hoc has a single fixed menu for the day, you just have to hope it’s something you like.

Day 1 I’d go to Gott’s Roadside for lunch and get a half bottle of something to go with Ahi burger and fries/rings.

+1 on Gott’s. Sometimes Oakville Grocery can take a lot longer than you expect for lunch.

For my 2 cts, I can’t eat that much. Having a full sit down lunch and dinner every day would be way too much. I’d just grab some snacks, put in an extra tasting, and then after things are closed, have a nice dinner. And if you’ve never been to Napa, try some of the original places - Beringer, BV, Mondavi, etc.

I like the Vineyard Country Inn — good location.

Your Restaurant choices are kind of spread out, and require more driving than we usually like. Right in St. Helena are Press, Brasswood, Market and Goose & Gander

On your last day, an easy itinerary would be Revana or Seven Stones then lunch at Market in St. Helena. Or Gott’s for lunch if you want a really good burger.

By the way, I think Addendum (which you mentioned) will be closed for he season by then (too bad — great fried chicken)

+100% on meals, I could do Gott everyday and never get bored…don’t forget Charles Krug, one of my favorite historical visits

Get a driver, Uber it or spit, a lot.

Looks like a good itinerary in general.

We have always enjoyed Ad Hoc whenever we have dined there. You may certainly look at their posted menu online on that day and choose to go somewhere else instead, if the menu doesn’t sound good to you.

Addendum, as mentioned above, won’t be open in December, since it is outdoors. You list Oxbow Market as an alternative, but you may also consider the Restaurant at CIA Copia, which shares the parking lot with Oxbow Market.

Thanks everyone! This is all very helpful. We’ll do Gott’s instead of Oakville Grocery on the first day, and look for a replacement for Addendum on the last day. We have dinner at Manresa on the last day, so the plan is to grab a light lunch.

I recommend that you make room in your winery itinerary for some of the classic California wineries that made the reputation of the Napa Valley. No. 1 on your list should be Chateau Montelena. Others would be Stag’s Leap, Mayacamas, Heitz, Grgich Hill, etc. What Was The Single Greatest 1970s CA Wine? - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers

Failla’s tasting room is in St Helena but most of their wines are not from Napa.

They do that to catch the Napa Valley traffic.

Not saying don’t go there.

I do like the iinerary: jelly East Coaster here!

Pulido-Walker/Mending Wall nice choices too.

Howard - thank you. Yes, I hope to visit some of the classic wineries as well. I understand that most of them are okay with walk-ins, so that’s what we’ll probably do.

Karl - Yes, one of the reasons why I decided to put Failla on the itinerary was to give us an opportunity to taste their wines from Sonoma, since we won’t be spending any time in Sonoma during this trip. Thanks for your suggestions - will look into them!

Three days is hardly enough! You will wish you had more time, but I understand the limits of vacation. On the way up to Ovid, think of getting an appt at 9 Suns. It is literally 5 minutes from Ovid and a “bit” less expensive than Ovid. The views are amazing and the facility is first class. They sell grapes to elite micro wineries in the valley. You might ask them about shipping to Asia as the family has international business background and may know more about getting your wine there .