WOTYs--2016 Edition--TABULATION COMPLETE, Post #1

Very good then, let’s get to 2016’s results.

Last year, the 2002 Ruinart was the winner with 5 votes. The 1989 La Miss came up with 4 votes and the 86 Mouton, 2010 Bevan Tin Box, 96 Salon and 88 Krug managed 3 apiece.

In terms of houses/wineries, DRC paved the way last year with 24 mentions. D’Yquem was 2nd with 17, Krug at 15 and Saxum at 14.

Well, the 1996 Salon moves from the show position to the win position this year, garnering 5 votes. But it shares a photo finish with 2006 Taittinger BdB Comtes de Champagne also with 5 votes. Right behind at 4 votes is the return of 2001 D’Yquem. And then quite a gaggle at 3.

89 Angelus
90 D’Yquem (Yquem is the only house with two separate single wine 3-or-more vote-getters)
1974 Heitz Martha’s (a nice surprise and change)
2002 Krug (if you include someone’s vote for the Clos de Mesnil, it goes up to 4 votes)
2013 MacDonald Cab
2007 Scarecrow
2013 Maybach

I ended up with 606 entries to work with. D’Yquem returned to the top and squashed everyone with 21 mentions. DRC was next, but with half of last year’s total at 12. Then Ridge came in very nicely in third with 10, 8 of those going to the Monte Bello Cab. Right behind was another comeback, Mouton, with 9 votes. Dom Perignon had 7 and the following each came in with 6 acknowledgements

Cheval Blanc
Haut Brion
Heitz Cellar
Rousseau (down from past years)
Thierry Allemand–a very nice surprise and in fact, Cornas did very well this year with a couple Versets, a Clape and a Graillot also getting some love

As you can see, some interesting absences. Roumier, just 1 vote. Leflaive, Giacosa, Shafer HSS each just 3. Coche had 4. Kutch just 1 (the 13 McDougall just missed my list) and Carlisle just 2 (both mine). Ramonet 4 and Raveneau 3. And PYCM had just 2 entries. 4 for Dominus, 3 for Roulot, 2 for Comte de Vogues and 2 for Petrus. Just some surprises for me.

Thanks to all contributors for helping with this. My OP with my own picks is below.


I’m getting this started a little late—for me [grin.gif]

As in the past year or two, I give much thanks to Warren Taranow and Craig Vanderah for starting some interim threads and will cross-deck those here so that I can have them when I do the end-of-year compilations and tabulations

So, then. WOTYs. I have left room for about 2 or 3 more for the next couple of months…

My 1-2 were both served at a lunch the day after my WineFest in July. The 2010 Argiano Riserva might pass both of those in enough time, it had that much promise. the 96 Marcassin was probably the #4. Others all in pretty random order. It has been another terrific year.

1997 Huet Cuvee Constance
1989 Chateau D’Yquem
1997 Chateau D’Yquem
2002 Nicolas Feuillate Palme D’Or
2010 Argiano Brunello Riserva
2007 Chateau Climens
2011 Araujo Estate Eisele SB
2002 Ruinart BdB
2013 Sojourn Georges III Cab
2011 Carlisle Saitone Ranch Zin
1996 Marcassin Hudson Block E Chard
2008 Bouchard Meursault Genevrieres
2001 Chateau Coutet
2009 Georges Mugneret Vosne
2010 Cusumano Moscato Dello Zucco
1998 Guigal La Turque
2001 Roulot Meursault Les Luchets
1977 Cuvaison Cabernet
1993 Chateau Pajzos Tokaji Eszencia
1988 Eyrie Pinot Gris
2012 Carlisle Saitone Ranch Zin

I had a discovery and a re-discovery this year. The discovery was 2010 Famille Peillot Altesse. Gary Margol brought this for us to try in Atlanta, a white from the Savoie region. I couldn’t identify fruits or particular flavours. All I could identify was the softest, nicest white lullaby. It was dreamily memorable. The blisscovery/re-discovery was the 1984 Kalin Cellars Cuvee DD Pinot Noir. I had forgotten what old-tyme Cali Pinot was like—all verve and lean and length and crisp. It was a delight to rediscover this style and I’m very glad I had a pristine bottle to share.

Kwa Heri, let’s hear from you all. As in past years, I will provide all tabulations at the end of the year. The 2002 Ruinart BdB Champagne was last year’s winner.


2013 MacDonald



Getting bored Mike? Well, college basketball season is about to start. Anyway, too early for me. I hope to add to the list over the next two months.

I hope I did not chill this thread. Please respond to Mike so I don’t feel so bad.

Brrrr. [cry.gif] [grin.gif] It is early, but later than I’ve started things in the past for this. It helps me to get some momentum built up towards the end of the year on the thread. And though it’s some work, I have really enjoyed doing the analysis and tabulations the last couple of years to see what our community loves in wine.


Here is my list from the other thread - to help get things started:

1982 Nicolas Potel Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Combettes
1996 Salon Champagne Blanc de Blancs Brut
2001 Château Climens
2003 Truchot GC Combottes
2005 Truchot Clos de la Roche
1993 Truchot MSD Clos Sorbes
2015 Hudelot-Noellat Romanee St. Vivant
2015 Hudelot-Noellat Richebourg
2015 Mugneret-Gibourg (I could just say Echezeaux, but let us leave it more general as that is closer to reality)

My discoveries of the year (and probably not discoveries but more things I newly think more about):

  1. I love half bottles. Sometimes you just feel on a casual night like a couple of glasses of wine. I wish more Bourgogne Rouge, Chorey les Beaune, etc., came in half bottles.
  2. Ramonet reds. Their reds from Chassagne Montrachet are really enjoyable.

Bumping this as we move into December. Nominations please! [grin.gif]

I think one of my major discoveries is that there is plenty of very nice 2007 Champagne to drink now while the 2008’s can be very tight and unforgiving.

What I remember enjoying the most:

All things Nigl - Pinot Noir, Riesling, Grüner, Gelber Muskateller, this producer can do no wrong
The 2014´s from Lapalu - Moderate alcohol, light touch, lots of finesse
1998 Alain Graillot Crozes-Hermitage La Guiraude - a perfectly mature Crozes from a top producer
2000 Tenuta San Leonardo San Leonardo - My favorite Bdx-blend outside Bdx in top form
2013 Azienda Agricola Cos Vittoria Pithos Rosso - I did not know what to expect, experienced something totally new. Yay amphorae!
2012 Alphonse Mellot Sancerre Génération XIX - Sancerre meets White Burgundy and it is beautiful. Easily worth the tariff
2007 Jean Milan Champagne Grand Cru Transparence Blanc de Blancs Brut - this is how oak-aged Champagne should be done
2007 Roger Pouillon et Fils Champagne Les Valnons - A superb BdB from Aÿ
2006 Azienda Agricola San Giuseppe Rosso di Montalcino Stella di Campalto - the hype is justified, don’t know about the prices for the new vintages, though
2014 Prager Riesling Federspiel Steinriegl - Not a fan of the Smaragd’s, this is the ideal Wachau Riesling for me. Alcohol and ripeness in check, everything else through the roof
2013 Domaine de L’Arlot Nuits St. Georges Cuvée La Gerbotte - A mind-blowingly delicious white NSG with a great future ahead.

Add to my list of wines

2010 Rheinhold Haart Piesporter Gold. BA and Leoville las Cases 1985.

Add to discoveries

  1. 2014 is a really great year for white Burgundy

Probably one that really stands out is the Vilmart Rose NV. No expectations for the wine and then when I had it, wow. I was able to source some more from Envoyer a short time later, so that was a nice ending to what was a great find.

Aside from that, continued to get a lot of inspiration and good memories from the things I love and continue to support–Kutch, Rhys, Rivers-Marie, Copain, Carlisle, Matthiasson, Riverain and Pisoni. Less lists, more support for a tighter list.

Will I be banned if I say my discovery of the year was a 17% alc Australian Shiraz?
If not, it was a 2009 Wild Duck Creek Shiraz Reserve.

It’s weird for me…I’m a bit torn on how I should write about my “discovery wine” of the year. There are/were so many that it really seems a bit of a shock. Some are well known, others…I would assume not at all. Have you ever discovered a wine that was so good that you did not want to bother typing a tasting note? What if people read it and the wine becomes hard to find? So here they are…in an order that makes sense to me.

Wines I discovered that others already knew about:

  1. Cavallotto
  2. PYCM
  3. Bründlmayer
  4. Poggio di Sotto
  5. Emidio Pepe

Wines or wineries I discovered that no one seems to know about:

  1. Montechari Montecarlo Merlot IGT Toscana (a wine from a dinner I had in Lucca)
  2. Deltetto
  3. Au Bon Climat.

Some of us do know about Deltetto :wink: yum, yum. Jerome, no–great to see, haven’t heard of the producer before, neat that it’s a 2009 that made the impression on you. Frankie—good sentiment for sure! Howard, Ilkka, Alex, thanks for adding your thoughts. Keep 'em coming

Wines of the year:

2002 SQN Heart Chorea
1986 Chateau Margaux
2011 Soliste Barrique 9
2007 Cayuse God Only Knows
2005 SQN 17th Nail
2004 Aubert The Quarry
2002 Ygrec
1970 BV GDL

In terms of discoveries, not a huge year as family illness and jobs far from home muted exploration. But i did rediscover BV, especially older bottles. Between a tasting at BV, friends and one of the last bottles from my fathers cellar, i was quite impressed. ANd the 13 GDL is pretty darn good as well

Discovery of the year:

Willi Schaefer and Julian Haart

Still can’t believe that I drank more German Riesling than Burgundy this year!

1964 Engel Clos Vougeot
1978 Monnier Meursault Charmes
1921 Château Montrose
1945 Château Palmer
1999 Dugat-Py Mazis Chambertin
1994 Kalin Cellars Pinot Noir Cuvée Billon
1935 Cappellano ‘Super Barolo’
2005 Coche-Dury Meursault Rougeots
2014 Roulot Meursault Perrières
And Klaus-Peter Keller’s 2015 GGs.

Discoveries? The wines of Bramaterra and Saint-Romain. Exploring Burgundy more thoroughly outside of the Côte d’Or too.

Salutary reminder: just how good the white wines of Pierre Morey / Morey Blanc are.

Have to agree. This was an eye opener for me!

Well it did take 6 hours in a decanter to get there but it got there. [cheers.gif]

My WOTNs so far:

1961 Ducru-Beaucaillou
1996 Bruno Giacosa Barolo Riserva Falletto di Serralunga d’Alba
2009 Ramonet Bâtsrd-Montrachet
2006 Allemand Cornas Reynard
1990 L’Evangile
1964 La Mission Haut-Brion
2001 Clonakilla Syrah-Viognier
1990 Beaucastel
2001 Rousseau Ruchottes-Chambertin

Too early for me to post. But I am surprised, Mike, not to see the 2009 Suduiraut not even on your list. My favorite wine from your wine fest. It will be close whether it makes my top ten or not. We shall see.

I do like seeing these lists as it gives me some suggestions about what to open this month. Perhaps that causes a self fulfilling prophecy into the stats though.