Worst tasting note of all time? (I swear he's baiting me)

Look, I try to lay off James Suckling, given my rep as a media scourge. But come on, now.

Here’s his description of the 2010 Margaux:

“It’s like the desert winds flowing through Egyptian ruins on a mid-summer’s night with a beautiful princess waiting open armed for me. My mind fills with poetry tasting the wine from barrel”

I think he might actually be trying to make people hate wine. Or perhaps he thinks the price tag is not hefty enough.


Did he like it?

It’s score that matters and he did give 100 pts

So did he get laid? And how much pot did he smoke beforehand?

I wish his parents had named him Richard instead.

More like a tab, blacklight posters and Dark Side of the Moon.

Winds…Egyptian ruins…Princess waiting. Strikes me as a blogging while intoxicated moment. Maybe he’s a big fan of The Mummy movie franchise.

…with a beautiful princess waiting open armed for me."

I’m confused; is the oak the wind or the Egyptian ruins or the princess?

So intense. I can’t even capture it on my camera!

sometimes Suckling is really like a Sasha Baron Cohen character. I picture Bruno here. “Light but heavy. Soft yet hard. Bright but oh so dark.”

I’ve got it! He’s actually Aladdin.


Awesome note! Seriously Suckling rocks. Sounds like I need to pick up some Château Margaux futures.

A whole new world!

So it is painfully dry and gritty on the finish?

The winds at night in Egypt in the mid summer can be pretty hot and dry…

Our intrepid explorer is back bringing us the tastes of wines from far off lands!

No one is a fan of the Mummy movie franchise.

TN has been modified.

I think he was just plain horny and on something when he wrote that.

Happens even to the best of us sometimes…

Alex R.