WoFW: Michael Moosbrugger/Schloss Gobelsburg

A fascinating article by MargaretRand in the World of Fine Wine:
on Michael Moosbrugger & Schloss Gobelsburg.
It very interesting how it describes his transition from a hotelier to one of the best producers of Austrian wines. I found it interesting that Austrian wines used to derive most of their profits from the Heurigen side of the business. But post-antifreeze scandal of the '80’s, the emphasis has been production of quality wines, which has lifted the Austrian wine industry to the level it has now achieved.
Schloss Gobelsburg has always been on of my favorite wines, but the article gives me a whole lot more appreciation for the Estate.
A very good read.


There was a very good (and rather similar in scope) two part article in Trink last year.

Michael Moosbrugger is truly one of the leading lights in Austria, and his Gruner Veltliner ‘Renner’ my overall (quality, value, usefulness at the table) favorite Austrian wine.

I had always liked the Gobelsburg wines simply based on what I had tasted. But now I know
the rest of the story & will appreciate them even more.

Great winery. Nice article. I wish the author had mentioned the new Tradition project which replaced the old Tradition project: Moosbruger now releasing multivintage blends.

And in fairness to @Lars_Carlberg and David Schildknecht in a Falkenstein thread, I should point out here that the plural of Schloss is Schlösser not schlossen.

Better to do it “here.” :wink:

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Been buying them for years, though I ebb and flow. Every time I open one, I kick myself for not buying more. Plus many of the wines are packaged in regular burgundy style bottles, not traditional tall riesling bottles, yay!

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