Wines I’ve liked lately (changing tastes in quarantine?)

Like most people, we’ve been eating very differently in quarantine which means that the wines we’ve been drinking have been different; at home we’ve been eating well but no tasting menu and few multicourse meals; dinner time has been shorter with a young child so I’ve been drinking fewer grand cru and complex burgs and have been finding me drinking more young 15-17 village and premier cru burgs as well as a lot of D&R. I feel I’ve been emphasizing freshness and pure beautiful fruits as well as accessibility more than in the past. Anyone notice changing preferences?

I’ve been drinking slightly less champagne than prior, not entirely sure why. Partially it has to do with what’s easily accessible in the cellar too, sadly.

Pretty much eating the same things as usual, with no difference. That may change once the meat shortages kick in and the price of farmed anything goes skyward. Trying to drink things down that might be over-the-hill.

No change here but I have been sharing a lot of wine with my neighbor across the street. She puts the glass on her porch with a bouquet of flowers for us. She shuts their door, I walk over and pour the wine/bubbly, grab the flowers and she ends up learning more about the idiosyncratic sh#t that we all drink around here, that she has never heard of. [highfive.gif]