Wines from Trader Joe's

For people who know of any good wines at Trader Joe’s, let us know! I’d say the average price is about $12-$18, give or take the Two-Buck Chuck or the very few $30 wines.

When I’m looking for wine, I typically get great assistance at other places, but TJ’s… you’re all on your own. For a wine newbie like me, that just means I’m frantically searching up reviews on each specific label. It’d be nice to see some people write about their good experiences here.

Random note: I actually just picked up a 2012 Chateau Ste Michelle Sauvignon Blanc for $6.99. Part of me is like [scratch.gif] but the other part is like [dance-clap.gif]

I’m a fan of the Revelation Red - $5.99

Came upon Raptor Ridge PG at the Hollywood Portland store @ $14.99. A wife favorite, but no case discount. [cry.gif]

Can’t you just ask Charlie Fu for help? Or better yet, have him give you some wine.

Heh, I tried. Charlie doesn’t know wine from Trader Joe’s, it’s not expensive enough for him, I figure :stuck_out_tongue: I hope he brings some good wine when I see him on Saturday. hint Charlie.

Also, thanks Todd and Dennis for your input!

CC, don’t let Frenchbread befriend you. He’s pure evil with a streak of narcissism thrown in.

[rofl.gif] You know, I remember you saying something similar to that when I wrote to Charlie about my Women’s Studies class. French hasn’t shown me his true colors yet. I’m waiting!

I will crush you all.

I have to go into the office after lunch on saturday =(

Lame :frowning: But glad you can still make it out to lunch! Btw, we’re bringing pizza, ribs, and chicken. Help us make a dent in the food and we’re all good. :slight_smile:

My recommendation is not to buy any wine from TJs unless you know exactly what it is (which I guess is why you’re asking). In my experience they are driven by a good deal rather than quality (whereas CostCo for example seems to select more for quality).

They do have some good wines, though. In the past I’ve bought Louis Latour Grand Ardèche Chardonnay and Vidal Fleury CdR for nice prices there. My blind buys have been almost uniformly disappointing.

Gotcha! I’ve always been curious about Costco wines as well, glad you put it that way. Heard the Costco score ratings were rather misleading though, since they’re by reviewers who practically give high reviews to anything. Heh, I could be wrong about that though.

I picked up a Vintjs Pinot Gris @ $8 last night. WA, HHH probably Columbia Crest, and made TW drink it and she survived. I tasted and it was quite good. Not as mineral and grapefruit like an OR PG, more smoother and a hint of RS along the lines of other WA whites.

am I a prude for refusing to ever buy wine at TJs? On the other hand, Costco does come up with some good juice…

Perhaps this thread should be unofficially renamed “Good Wines from Costco?”

In which case, Fonseca Bin No. 27 would be the answer. And Dr. Loosen’s Blue Slate Riesling. I like em sweet.

Now for Burg.

The Mission Point PN ain’t half bad if you like the Cali style.

The 2011 Tuella Douro wine (about $6) is a really good red for the price.

Since you are in OC, why not just make a monthly trip to Wine Exchange.


Close to 100 wines under $10.


and HiTime