Winery Internships?

Now that my wife will be out of school and practicing by summer, I’m looking to explore some other career options. I’d like to find an internship of some sort this fall for a few months - my schedule will probably be pretty flexible. I’m looking for hands-on experience to help me decide if this is a career change I truly want to pursue. I’m aware of the Davis job board but I thought I’d ask here first. I’m sure plenty will see this but I’d also appreciate a heads-up about any other winemakers that might have interest.

I’m as interested in viticulture as enology, have a B.S. in Botany and graduate study in Plant Biology, have been a practicing molecular technician for four years so I’m pretty comfortable with lab stuff too. I’m not sure what to expect for interning but I’m hoping for room and board, anything more is icing. Oh, and I’ll bring my own wine.


Ted I sent your post to Wes. We have 1-2 interns a year. We have had interns from Davis, Australia, Ireland, Germany and last year Chablis. Be careful you might get bit by the wine bug. If that happens, make sure somebody keeps the day job. [cheers.gif]

By your wife practicing, I’m assuming she is a physician?

Doctors don’t make real money practicing medicine fresh out of med school. Takes (at least) 3-4 more grueling years.

Maybe law school. Beaucoup d’argent right out of school usually.

I have a story relevant to a winemaker married to a physician, if that is the case. neener

Alas, your story will have to wait. She is working to become a nurse practitioner. It will be nice to be dual income again.


Still looking!

How about the fall? Not too much going on in the summer. Some bottling, some racking, some cleaning of equipment for the fall, but that’s about it. A lot of winemakers go on vacation in July. If you can swing the fall, you’ll get some action.

If you are looking for jobs, in addition to the Davis jobs board, definitely go to and you can also check as well.
Not a whole lot of summer hiring overall since there is not a lot of wine work to be done, like Ian said. Maybe you could try and talk a winemaker into letting you shadow him or her a bit during the pre-harvest months to learn, but i doubt you would be able to get any payment or accommodations for that.
good luck Ted.

Thanks, I’m free come summer, fall and winter included. Edited my first post.

What is your location?

Guess now would be a good time to update my profile.

Are you willing to relocate from Fort Fun?

If you think you might want to come to Spain??? Send me a note.

Testarosa has one of the few starting now.

Williams Selyem would have to be considered a plum,