Winery and Vineyard - Financials

Does anyone know where I can get the data? I am working on a project plan for someone and need some data to base my work on. I have never worked on any winery related financials. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I don’t know of something more recent, but this book has lots of information from leaders in the in the Oregon wine industry on everything from local viticulture to costing for planting vineyard and I think winery facilities. Worth a look, I think.

I’d look into a few of the wineries which are publicly traded in one way or another as well. You’ll have to dive down pretty far I’d guess, but I don’t know any privately owned businesses which are going to readily give up that kind of info.

In addition to the oregon book, this document put out by the WSU extension has good information.


UC Davis does annual extension courses on this subject.