Wineries that are hard to search for...

Then when you complete your search, save it and it will be even faster to retrieve. I save maybe 30 commonly used searchers. But I am sure you all do the same.

I am not a shill. [wow.gif]

This Ridge landing page is perhaps even better.

And we use RIDGE, because that is what appears on the FRONT label.

Google will be your best friend for these types of forums and sites with not so great search functions. For example, try googling “white rose estate wine berserkers” and you will find what you’re looking for.

So I can just take complete credit for all these improvements, right? [whistle.gif]

Right? [whistle.gif]

Okay… [training.gif]

(I can’t.)

Tuck Beckstoffer released a wine called ‘1971’ which was the year their station wagon rolled into Napa Valley.