Wineries that are hard to search for...

Note to self, If I ever start a winery, name it something unique that can easily be searched for.

Looking for WB info on White Rose Vineyard Estate Pinot by White Rose Winery is a pain in the ass. I’m certain there are others that are even worse. Feel free to post them here. :slight_smile:

Try this.[0]=1

I have a few comments in there as do others. I knew nothing about the place when we visited but found some info here. I enjoyed the wines and the tasting room experience is top tier. The views are exceptional.

Rusty Gaffney (The Prince of Pinot) had some great info on his site:

Here is more when he wrote it up as Winery of the Year in 2014.

Ridge Vineyards is the worst to find on CT unless you add the Geyserville, or Monte Bello or Lytton Springs. Try it.


A.P. Vin without a doubt. Lucia winery (pulls up every SLH wine).

Willamette Valley Vineyards is prone to pull up every vineyard in Willamette Valley.

P Hickner

BTW, did you know you can become a part owner in Willamette Valley Vineyards? They did a stock offering a la Chalone.

P Hickner

BTW, did you know you can become a part owner in Willamette Valley Vineyards? They did a stock offering a la Chalone.

P Hickner

On the ADD WINE screen click on the link to search by producer.

I recall looking for some Mount Veeder Cab on Winesearcher…not the easiest to find.

Wineries with only a place name, like Chateau Margaux, Sonoma Coast Vineyards, chateau du Puligny Montrachet, those are always tough. Though WSPro has gotten much better and gives you options on the left now.

The hardest one has always been T Vine. You just about can’t search for that on anything. Good wines, too.


CT let’s you measure the level of searching futility. My vote was B Cellars with 1,765 producers and 96000 wines while searching for Ridge generates 1,459 producers and but over 130,000 unique wines.

Reminds me of traveling in France. We were going to the city of Nice, so I tried to google Nice Restaurants. Not helpful.

It is RIDGE and not RIDGE VINEYARDS. And it took me 5 seconds just now to pull this up.

I was, for a second, worried Eric was heading towards his cranky RMP period, but opening the basic CT page and typing Ridge into the "wines’ search box popped up most all of Ridge’s greatest hits as suggestions. Took maybe three seconds scrolling down to see all of them.


My bad, what was I thinking? rolleyes

Type ‘Ridge’ in the ‘wines’ search box (home page default), the first three wines that pop up are Monte Bello, Lytton Springs and Geyserville. Two other Ridge wines (Estate Cab and Three Valleys) pop up a little further down. I stopped counting, but by about wine 40, there are at least 10 Ridge wines. A few basic clicks from any of them takes you to the Ridge CT home page here:

It could just be I’m way used to doing research online, but this was a pretty easy find.

I always found Marcassin required a hidden passcode or deocder ring or something. You could never find a website to sign up, buy wine, or even see what wines they made or sold.

Recently, it appears they have a site which at least in summary says “Take a number”. Makes me want to leave a number, ‘1’ using my longest finger on my right hand. Just MHO…YMMV. [snort.gif]

And that works because of the exact wine name searching match I added. Just to deal with this in fact.