Winemaker Skills

I agree with Linda…

I mainly make yeast selections based on how they ferment, not from the flavor profile the package says you will get from the fermentation.

Of course this too could effect the flavor profile.

As far as I can tell, on Pinot Noir, Assmannhausen vs. RC212 make two very different wines, even 18 mos. in. Also, heat of fermentation and kinetics can really affect extraction, which’ll change the wine.

Great thread!

Seems we have winemakers with a different point of view!

Some people argue that the different characters believed to come from yeast are completely due to the different fermentation kinetics (temp curve, etc) from the yeast and not due to any other yeast differences. Certainly rc212 is a faster fermenter than Amh is. Not sure if I completely believe this or not, but it’s certainly a plausible argument. If this is true, then rc212 isn’t making a different Pinot than Amh is making…it’s really the winemakers decision to ferment at one temp vs another that’s creating the differences.