Winehunter: cheap french chardonnay

The '12 is back at Trader Joe’s on Oso/marguerite.

Grabbed some this morning.

Pop one for the team Brig!

Here’s a '12 I opened a year ago. I will open one tonight too.

  • 2012 Badet Clement & Co Chardonnay Révélation - France, Languedoc Roussillon, Vin de Pays d’Oc (1/13/2014)
    The wine looks Yellow gold colored, surprising dark compared to the 2011. The legs are Medium. It smells like Nutmeg, Pear and Lychee. It tastes like Pear, nutmeg, and Lychee. The body is Medium. The wine has Smooth texture. The wine finishes Short. The wine has medium acidity. Not quite the bang of the previous vintage, more body and less angular, but still an amazing QPR.

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had this wine last night with brig. drank with a good chill so the wood notes were subdued, which was fine for me. $6 for this wine is a pretty strong value, would work well for say a large party or for a group who wants chard in their glass a price point that will be friendly to the host.

little too heavy for my taste, toasty oak and some weight. did not taste again after it had warmed so no idea as to how well it held up.

I had that bottle in the freezer until the neck started to freeze up. I enjoy it cold.

As it warms up the acid definitely begins to take a backseat to the fruit, oak influence , and butter note. You’d think it’s a california chardonnay.

The warden is picking up more.

My TN above is still accurate for this bottle, the '12 is a little more of everything than the '11.

QPR thread drift, but some friends told me about Crystal Creek Cellars
2013 Columbia Valley Riesling at Aldi’s that I think is pretty decent for six dollars and change.