WINEHUNTER: Arcadian Chard

Not a screaming-good deal, per se, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen these at retail … and at $39.99 ea., I figured this is worthy of a thread.

They’re at K&L.

The '05 is probably the best Chardonnay I’ve ever tasted. Haven’t tried the '01. Very few remain, so act quick if interested.

i enjoy the 05 as well… but for some reason I can’t pull the trigger on this at $40… $30 sure… but not $40.

GCS members get the '05 for 20% off $48 (about $39), so this is basically equivalent to getting “member pricing.” $40 is a lot for me to drop on a white, but I dropped for a couple, as it’s just too damn good for me not to. YMMV, of course. [cheers.gif]

I snapped up all of the $22 bottles of the 2001 Sleepy Hollow Chardonnay at a local store a while back. Great chardonnay!

now that’s a deal!!

I have heard the raves for a long time, and have had a lot of good Arcadian Pinots, so I picked up an 01 and an 05 to try out, thanks for the tip!

I saw Joe tonight in ATL.
He said the 2001 Sleepy Chard is drinking well.
If you find it, you should buy it.
I love the 2005.
I also love the 99 which is but a memory.

Nice find Brian. Tons of Chards out there for equal or more money that don’t hold a candle to this wine and as we’ve seen they age excellently. Joe really did some good work on the 05.

In for the 01’s. Since it’s the same price, might as well support the winery & purchase direct from Joe for the 05’s. If anyone in socal wants some of the 05s I’ll prbly order more in the next week… you can piggy back on my shipping.

Look forward to your thoughts. I think you’ll like them. There are some of us that think his chards are the biggest stars.


The Chards do rock. The 2001 Sleepy is a special and good wine. But so was the 1999. The 2005 is amazing, but so youthful that it really will take some time to hit its peak. Joe has a phenomenal touch with Chard.

grabbed a bottle of the 02 for 32bucks right now @ Vendome in Fullerton. Last One :frowning:

Nice… I guess you like um pre-cooked.

it wasn’t that warm there. [beg.gif]

it’a a great Chardonnay, along with Tyler’s…I like this style.