Winehunter: 2005 Pico Madama For $25" onclick=";return false;

Costco online.

You get a chance to try that 04 I brought to Berserkerfest? [wink.gif]



Wasn’t that the bottle with the custom-art label? neener


Indeed. Bulkin is not quite as skilled with the Sharpie as he is the guitar. [berserker.gif]

Didn’t someone get a photo of that? Is it undergoing to CFu copyright process as we speak? You never know who might try to sell it.

If Costco can’t get any buyers for that crap they could always sell it to Southwest Airlines. Friggin Jet Fuel. [bleh.gif]

The reccommended food accompaniment looks like a better deal to me although i am still waiting for the Jay Miller score before i buy:

12 14oz prime grade rib eye steaks

Jay Miller and Costco be damned! Gotta have bran to go with this raisin juice…add a little milk- Berserker breakfast!

My still unproven theory (I am doing about an extensive investigation as Parker) is the 2004 Pico Madama and 2005 Sierra Carche are victims of the same, as Jay Miller called it, fraud.

It is okay, though, it must be a mistake in the bottling lines again. The importer is “trustworthy” according to Parker and Miller.

it has been copyrighted do not worry! No devious twitter folk will ever be able to steal it!