WINEHUNTER: 2003 J.J. Prum WS Spat -- redonkulous pricing

Wine Exchange has 2003 JJ Prum WS Spatlese for $19.99 … the 750mL!! [swoon.gif]

I got three. I’d move quick if I were you.

click on the “Closeouts” tab or search for “J.J. Prum” … “JJ Prum” will not yield a successful search.

4 left. Must…resist…

where do you see qty remaining?

I put 6 in my cart, told me there were only 4 left. This was the sign that told me to put the pipe down and slowly walk away.

ahhh … i wish they had a visible realtime inventory like K&L. this was my first order from Winex (although I’ve perused the site many times) … I just couldn’t pass it up … i’m weak – there goes my 2 month streak of no wine buying (not counting a couple club shipments, and wines purchased while away from home for the holidays). this will make it a bit easier to resist placing an order with K&L, which I’d been resisting for the past two days.

Lots of 2003 Mosels languishing, seen Prum discounted heavily here too.

Why is that?

Weeks on end of scorching hot days tends to make the acidity go away. Turns into Central Valley riesling wannabes.

After we sold through crazy amounts of 2004s, 2006s, and 2007s this week, I cannot see the 2003s exciting me.

Prum blew it in 2003… I bought a bunch of W-S Goldkaps for $50 each thinking I got a deal, flabby as all hell. Wine Spectator pulled that 95 out of its ass.

harumph! low acidity may not be for others, but I don’t mind 'em a bit fat. i’ve never been shy about this, and reckon it is a driving force behind my preference for Rheingaus. still, i gotta believe it’s hard to find a better $20 german spat… I’ll pop one this weekend and report back.

would they have excited you BEFORE selling crazy amounts, or are you just showing off now? [tease.gif]


Truthfully, I may have bought a few btls.
$20 is cheap for the wine (as you know) but after just selling 2004 WS Kabinett for $21.99 (and my cost being lower neener ) I prefer to have that wine, to answer your question.

Just had it yesterday. Acidity is really too low!

Had three bottles the past week and half. Not that it was good, just try to learn, or maybe I was looking for miracle.
The final bottle consumed on Superbowl night, acidity was there for sure but the wine as a whole had no focus, acidity was there but dull. Very dull wine. To be honest, I would not spend $20 on wines like this.