Winebid: Wrong Bottle

Many fussy grammarians might note your grammar is incorrect. blush

Since vs. because. Since refers to time that has passed, not causation. pileon [swoon.gif]

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So, you’ve got nothing on the “more than whole” argument?

And you agree that my time and effort has no value?

And you don’t care what happens to this bottle after I bake it in the sun for a few hours (I leave for work at 7 AM, UPS shows up as late as 7 PM), even if it’s resold?

This isn’t a big deal. Someone made a mistake. You have now spent far more time on this Board complaining than if you had just accepted their offer.


And if I accept the offer, then they keep doing business this way?
Actually my opening post wasn’t presented as a complaint but as a request for comment. I was open to the idea that I was being unreasonable. As the discussion developed, I’ll admit that I’m in more of a “complaint” mode.

Riddle me this Batman: I return the bottle, what becomes of it? Does it 1) show up in the next auction as “Bottle recovered after mis-sale. May have spent 12 hours or more exposed to unreasonable heat”, (2) Is it resold as " Removed from a professional wine storage facility; Purchased direct from winery" or is it 3) poured down the drain?

I am good with #1 and #3.

I hope so, they did you right.


Rob - have you ever considered other hobbies?


It’s obvious Winebid doesn’t want the pain in the ass of returning the bottle. Give them a reason or avenue to be done with it. They’ve already offered you a credit of $26 for the price difference, bringing your bottle price to $55.
Is there a price at which you’re willing to take a flier on the ‘88? Tell them what it is, I bet they take it just to be done with it.

Call Brian Connors at (888) 638-8968, and tell him you don’t have a single bottle shipper and if they can’t provide one then your only option is to unfortunately send it in the 12 bottle case. Customer service people are usually a lot nicer when you’re understanding and willing to work with them vs asking for free stuff. Sometimes they give you free stuff for being nice about their errors.

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Reasonable point/strategy, but the fact of the matter is I don’t want the 1988. 10 of the last 13 Cellartracker notes, going back to 2012, suggest problems with this bottling or a wine that is past its prime. I love 1980s Beringer, but won’t touch this vintage at any realistic price.

If they send me a shipping label and the packaging necessary to return the bottle, and have UPS pick it up at my house without my having to be here, then my only loss is the time to repackage. I can ignore the fact that I was counting on this bottle and have passed on similar purchase opportunities.

I can live with that, though I wouldn’t call it “doing me right”, and I have grave concerns re: what happens to the bottle after I return it. I hope I haven’t bought similar bottles.

What about that isn’t doing you right?

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I don’t understand what you really wanted them to do. A mistake was made. The offered to correct it with minimal effort on your part. Sure, you are out a few minutes of time, but the world is not perfect.

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You’re pretty darn close to pegging the Karen meter here dude. Accept their reasonable offer and move on with your life.


I think its time to step back from this situation and take the draw. you spent time opening the box, which actually you would have done for the other 11 bottles anyways, so that time is negligible. you sent two emails, which took 10 seconds, and would have taken 5 instead if you’d just accepted their reasonable solution for a a human mistake. their solution requires almost no effort and zero cost from you and you get your money back. im not sure what you expected from the exchange other than that.


The request for the $10 credit is the equivalent of saying “and get off my lawn!”


A train wreck, with no apparent victim or culprit, except the locomotive engineer.

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Would you have any more pressing First World problem?

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The very bottom of the post is an obvious data security breach. Time to blame the merchant, for being innocently cited in a post. Start a fresh rant thread, for that.


Please send me your contact information so I can start a GoFundMe to help resolve this for you. You have been deeply wronged. Nobody should have to deal with this type of miscarriage of justice, not to mention the emotional suffering that you are very clearly going through.

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You will get no love for this here. Just return the bottle. Yep, it’s a little inconvenience. Comes with the territory of on-line shopping.