WineBid Shipping Errors (Major?) (Edit: Not Major)

It’s awfully “interesting” that Winebid / Russell Mann can easily find a way to patronize this board when they / he perceives this board can give something to Winebid / him. Yet, when Winebid makes a mistake, and we have the situation we have here, they / he is nowhere to be found. Anyone else feel used?

Mistakes get made. Nobody is perfect. One’s character is greatly defined not by how one acts when things are all rosy and going as they should, but rather by when things are difficult and/or when one makes a mistake and how one handles that situation. Taking responsibility for mistakes, and doing everything within your power to mitigate the harm resulting to others as a result of your mistakes goes a looong way in healing wounds, and garnering/keeping trust and respect. Open, clear, honest, and timely communication goes a long way, too. We’re not exactly on Day 1 or 2 or 10 of this saga. Winebid seems to be failing, in quite grand fashion, on many of these points. The failure to comp. the storage fees is tone-deaf and repugnant, within the context of the situation.

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On the flip side, I’m not sure that engaging in social media / chat board keyboard battles is the best use of CEO time/resources/bandwidth (even if Elon Musk or John Mackey delight in that). Their firm, and customers, are better off if Mann is trying to deal with any structural, systemic issues that led to this. Was this just a pure random bit of unluck in a harried holiday shipping dept? or was this a function of GSN offering more services that it has capacity to handle? The idea of a central multi vendor shipping startpoint^ doesn’t seem so simple to me; Amazon has invested countless billions to get FBA to the point its at now. I have to think there would be some kinks along the way at GSN too.

I can’t imagine the storage costs were more than $100, and that would have been an easy item to comp, while they continue to search for the wine. And even if GSN should comp that, rather than WB, given their affiliation, why not just issue a credit from WB where its probably easier for the customer?

^ for those interested in wine shipping/storage, XChateau has a podcast interview with the CEO of Wine Vault. It’s jargon / management consultant lingo laden, but it does cover some of the potential complexity in this curious logistics niche. My takeaway was that I don’t want to rely on any of this though, even if that limits my choices. Lots can go wrong.

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“Hey guys, we’re aware of the problem, and take full responsibility. We are working to resolve the problem in a fashion that is fair to all our affected customers. The absolute worst case scenario for any of our affected customers will be the wine is gone, and full refunds will be issued on the lost wines, shipping costs, and storage costs.

We are continuing our investigation into how this happened with the intention of solving the current problem and preventing it from happening again I’m the future.

We are sincerely sorry to all of our affected customers.


That just took me 90 seconds on my cell phone; bet it would take less than a minute on a laptop or desktop. I’d say that would be a pretty damn good use of WineBid’s / Russell’s time/resources, assuming it could be said honestly.

90 seconds.


Let’s not lose track of this point: people aren’t really taking WineBid to task for the mistake; rather, WineBid and Russell are being criticized for the terrible manner in which they are dealing with it. Big difference.

How do we know how they’re dealing with it? We have one customer here (to my knowledge), and no idea what all the other affected customers have to say. Yeah, it might be nice if Russ would come here and say a few words, but I don’t see some particular obligation.

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Obligated? No.

Good idea, particularly in the context of past postings on this board? Yes.

But whether Winebid /Russell posts here is not the main point/issue. The main point/issue is how they’re dealing with the OP.

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I’m with Alan. I’m guessing Winebid, GSN or the parent company are dealing with this manner on some level. Maybe very well. Maybe very badly. We won’t know until its come to some sort of resolution where the effected parties are made whole in whatever way that is even possible now.

Having Russ drop by to say ‘we are sorry this happened and are looking into it’ specially for the gen pop of WineBerserkers won’t fix, help or change the situation even slightly. I really don’t understand why anyone thinks he has to or even that its a good idea. I know I wouldn’t if I were him until it was resolved. Even then, I’m not certain why Russ posting here is thought to be required. Even if he’s used this board to dispense business news in odd ways in the past.

Cris, you and Alan used the words required and obligated, not me. Do I think it would be a good idea for Russell/Winebid to post here at this point? Yes. Do I understand your viewpoint to the contrary? Yes. Do I agree with your viewpoint? No. Am I surprised you do not even understand the opposing viewpoint with which you disagree? Yes, I am surprised, but it’s not a big deal.

Winebid has done more with this board than simply “dispense business news.” Do I think that is relevant? Yes, I do. Feels like a One-Way Street situation to
me. YMMV, and that’s okay.:sunglasses:

I did qualify dispensing business news with “odd ways” because I do not really like how he’s framed that news.

I’m just curious, what would be better about the situation if Russ made comments here, exclusively to WB? Why should he, or whomever is involved with the situation internally, comment here rather than keep any dialogue with the effected parties private? Explain the upside.

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I think he has only had one brief post in the past 15 months. Maybe he decided the discussion had a tendency to become too confrontational, as the this thread might as well.



Perhaps he had a confrontational exchange with our GPT-3 enabled chatbot ‘Nathan’ and - thinking it was real - left afterwards?

Brian, I understand your pov, and actually agree it would be nice for him to come here and give a short explanation. But I also understand that he might not yet have all the facts (i.e., communications with every customer involved), might still be waiting for things to be resolved, or just feel it stirs up more dust than it settles by participating. I can understand any of those cases. What’s more important is to communicate with, and satisfy the affected customers.


No good management consultant uses jargon. I acknowledge there are a lot of bad management consultants floating around though.

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If they dealt with, or were dealing with, the OP in a good/reasonable fashion, it could make them look good to advertise that. In other words, public damage control. And why post here? Because here is where the problem was published; if it were published on the CT board, and not here, then I would not be saying I think it’s a good idea for Winebid to post here about it; it’s not about Wine Berserkers being “special”, and it’s not about some generational sense of entitlement (kinda surprised you played that card – I thought you know me better than that). As I’ve said repeatedly at this point, I understand your viewpoint, I just don’t agree with it.

… maybe we have a difference of opinion regarding the quality of Winebid’s response to the OP thus far: As it is right now, it appears Winebid is unwilling to comp. the storage fees. Would you have told the OP you’re not comping the storage fees if you were Winebid in this situation?

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I understand all of this, too, and definitely agree 100% with your last sentence.

My god, you’re still posting on this? Why do you care so much? Even the guy whose wine got lost has moved on.


It’s what berserkers do! Understand the origin for the name of this board :wink:

That is odd, if true. I would definitely expect storage fees to be reimbursed if they lost my wines.

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I’m giving folks the courtesy of a reply, just as I am with you. Nothing more. :slightly_smiling_face:

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