Wine Woot (NOT) FAIL!

I jumped on board with the 02/03 Corison Cab in yetserday’s Wine.Woot-off. I bought three two-packs to minimize the shipping. I received my order confirmation at 8:38 a.m. Then at 1:42 p.m. I received a refund from paypal.

Okay - I’m glad they fixed this the same day, but what’s the deal? According to the woot statistics, the wine didn’t sell out until 9:19 a.m.

Anyone have experience with this? Should I raise a little hell, or just let it rest?

I would certainly ask for an explanation. Then, depending on how badly you wanted the wine - you can raise some hell after.

I could certainly see “Oh, we made a mistake and took a few too many orders. We apologize.”

Yeah - but what cancel the order from the guy who always buys the max, and who did so 40 minutes before the sell-off? I sent them an email - let’s see what they say.

never had an issue with wine.woot. 25+ orders.

If you are indeed in Atlanta, you are indeed out of luck. No Shipping to Georgia according to this: Blog - Wine.Woot" onclick=";return false;

I’ve also heard rumblings that Woot doesn’t accept paypal for wine any longer. But as another poster mentioned it might be the shipping that’s the issue.

Ahh…probably a good reason.

Yep - you guys are right. It seems that one of our esteemed distributors in Georgia has the “exclusive” on Corison, so woot can’t sell it here. The folks at wine.woot explained it all to me, and they were very responsive. My mistake - first wine.woot that this has happened to me on.

I changed the title of the thread. The fail is mine, I’m afraid.

Move along – nothing to see here.

I went in for two of the Corison back in February, and while it is a nice complex cab, it’s just not for me. Too earthy. Even after air there was no fruit on the nose. I think I have about 7 wine woots now… tasted four of those and was not impressed with any of it. My luck has been much, much better for online purchases with WTSO and wineaccess. Probably just my tastes, though…

Oh well, at least we know now. Too bad for stupid shipping laws!