Wine Tasting in Tuscany

Try the concierge? I know we think this is always the highest cost option, but I got better deal on a car rental through a concierge.

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Enjoy ! When we used Deluxe we were staying at the Westin. Love the location for both of those hotels. Assuming you’ve seen the recommendations on WB for a visit to this place

Nice walk from your hotel with an amazing list of older chianti and solid small bites.


Just returned from a glorious trip to Florence where we had two lunches at Pitti Gola e Cantina. The wine list is as strong as ever, with a deep selection of Chianti from many producers with vintages going back to the 1920s. The strength of the list is Chianti followed by Barolo.

For the first lunch we had a tasting of three Chianti vintages from 1974 (Tenuta Lame), 1980 (Selvapiana Riserva) and 2019 (Castellinuzza), and later they poured us a Chianti from 1977 (Pagni). The wines were in excellent shape, with the '74, '77 and '80 showing beautiful tertiary notes. The food was outstanding, especially the Tajarin with butter 24 month parmesan and black truffles. The truffled pasta still haunts me.

We opted for a bottle of the 2013 Barolo Boscareto from Ferdinando Principiano for our second lunch on the recommendation of the sommelier. I am glad we took her advice. It took about 30 minutes before the wine opened, and when it did, notes of earth, tar, roses and leather exploded from the glass followed by mouth filling flavors of cherries and mushrooms. This had the silky texture and elegance of burgundy. And of course, the standout dish of tajarin with black truffles elevated the wine. A pairing such as this should be illegal!

After the first lunch, my wife and son went for a walk while I put together a case of chianti from the 1940s, 1950s and 1970s with the expert advice from one of the owners. They ship lots of wine to the US.

By the way, the concierge at our hotel sent us to Il Parione for dinner. Great traditional Tuscan cooking and a deep cellar. A real hidden gem.