Wine Stores/Shops on Long Island

Looking for recommention for Wine Shops on Long Island. Hopefully with a decent central coast selection!

Long Island is big. 110 miles long, maybe 20 miles wide. What part are you going to be in? North Fork? Hampton? North Shore? South Shore, etc?

South Shore.

Pops in Island Park is pretty good

Yep. Pops would be the one.

South shore? Where ?

East Islip, so Pops seems like it’s a bit far. Sorry for the vagueness friend of mine just moved there and just trying to help them out with some recommendations

No prob. All trying to help, but with a NY attitude!!

Frank’s in Central Islip might be worth a visit.

It’s close, but don’t expect much, and don’t count on anything in their on-line inventory actually being in the store.

It used to be a very good store, but it changed hands a number of years ago. There were some wonderful cherries to be picked while the old inventory wound down, but at this point it’s a shadow of its former self.

Pop’s, mentioned above, is indeed a bit of a schlep. However, it is worth checking out at some point, especially if you’re looking for California.