Wine Spectator Top 100

Here`s the list:

Actually it is a much more “balanced” list than in the past. You may be focusing too hard on the wines you don’t like.

You are probably correct AND some that I know of, that may appear on the surface to not fall into the category of big and bold and hugely extracted, actually do for my palate although many others may not perceive them to be. I probably should have just left this alone and moved on. I`ll leave this thread in place at least for the list.

Korbel is on it.

In spite of all of their recent advertising to the contrary, its difficult for me to get into Korbel on any level. Its probably going to take an incidental taste test to change my viewpoint. Korbel implies cheap, plonk, sweet, headache…

Am I bad if I have more than five of these on the top 100 list?

Any Korbel?

My point exactly- I may be incredibly snobbish and closed minded about this, but not to my experience. Plus I do hold it against them that they still use “champagne” on their label.

2 Oregons in the top 3. Although not wines I buy.


Yup! And I am a fan of the wines the guys at Beaux Freres are making from the Beaux Freres vineyard. It’s a fantastic site with older vines, excellent farming, and a very dedicated group in the cellar. Congratulations to Mike Etzel, Grant Colter, and the rest of the crew!

I had laugh at Korbel being on the list as well. Could you ever rate it 90pts, not in my universe. I know that the 100 point spread has been getting very compressed over the last decade plus. Well, I guess 70pts is the new 90pts. Now I know where the floor is. I just feel sorry for any other wine that scores 90pts or less, to think that they are only as good as Korbel or worse than Korbel.

I can vouch for #7 ('12 Ridge Monte Bello), #10 ('14 Hartford RRV Old Vine Zinfandel), #14 (Carlisle '14 Montafi Zinfandel) and #20 ('13 Turley Ueberroth Zinfandel).

They are good.

I remember the year when about 20 per cent of the top 100 wine seemed to have been made by large drinks companies…Diageo…Ste Michelle…Beringer Wine Estates etc…This is a much more eclectic group…For $14 the Korbel might be worth a try. Of course, it’s always funny to see something like the Drouhin St Veran on the list whereas I am sure something with the name Laguiche on it might be a little better.

The Drouhin St. Veran gets on the list over the Laguiche because of its much wider availability.

I don’t have a single wine on that list! I have only purchased, and consumed, the Merry Edwards Sav Blanc, a richer style that my wife really likes.

I saw the 904 La Rioja Alta is on it but the 2007, which I didn’t know had been released.

I bought sev bottles of the Hamilton-Russell chardonnay. I like their pinot, so I’ll be interested in trying this soon

A reminder of how focused my cellar is now on what I like.
Only 3 of the top 100 are producers I buy/drink/pay attention to with any regularity.

I think of it purely as a fun chit chat list, with wildly varying characteristics of ‘winners.’

I would say I have ‘working knowledge’ of 12 of the wines, with three being ‘negative working knowledge!’

Seventeen of the domestic wineries buy barrels from us. That’s how I look at the Top 100 list. Who cares about the out of country wineries?? WASTE OF Space!!

My neighbor is a brand manager for Louis Latour…maybe he’ll give me a bottle of the Corton-Charlie.

The owner of Ravines used to be my agent in NY. I am glad to see him get some acclaim for his Riesling. It’s really worth trying. Not any new oak in it tho…would have been #1 then!

Barrels are fascinating, that must be a fun career.