WIne shipments to NJ not insured

I had some bottles shipped to me in NJ from DE by Rob Panzer (Liquid Culture). He had told me some years ago that shipments to NJ weren’t covered by FedEx for some technical reason, but he didn’t remind me of it this time, and after so long I had forgotten. Wouldn’t you know it, the most expensive bottle ($120) broke on the way. Bummer!

Anyone else had this problem?

Could be because he is a supplier and not a winery licensed for direct shipment to NJ. Also, buy from stores that will refund for damaged wines.

Thanks, Chris. Something like that I guess. Anyway, I’m done ordering from him. Too bad, he had some interesting wines.

Isn’t your collection insured anyway? Bluewater covers transportation, so I always decline insurance with the carrier. A $1800 package got lost by UPS and I got reimbursed. That said $120 seems hardly even worth the claim. I would think of that like a tax on doing business out of state and getting better wine at better deals.

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Interesting. If I understand you correctly, once I order and pay for some wine, it’s in my collection even before it gets to my cellar. Therefore it is insured in the same way as wine already downstairs. Is that what you mean?

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On a separate topic folks are complaining about being charged for separate insurance, I expect it’s for situations exactly like this, at least for the businesses offering it.

My personal experience with most retailers who care about their customers will make good on damaged shipments, regardless of the insurance issues, etc. Have you asked?

Yup. The answer was no.

Thanks, Stan. I’ll take a look.

Standard per package insurance with FedEx is $100, unless you declare a higher value. Good luck getting reimbursed for breakage though. Any major claim, even with value declared, they will tell you the packaging was inadequate, not up to standard and deny it. I would certainly like to know of a service that covers breakage without pounds of paperwork for a claim, or without requiring an iron box for shipping.

RP told me shipments to my state weren’t insurable up front, haven’t had any problems, though.

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Glad you haven’t had problems. You might wonder what will happen if a shipment gets damaged or lost, tho.

Peter, i would probably ask for something highly allocated in the next go round as a way of softening the disappointment. (Though it would have the same shipping risk) other option would be to store at domaine. It solves a bunch of shipping issues and costs, but net increases cost due to the storage aspect.

Thanks, Julie. He wasn’t offering anything like that (or anything at all in fact).

Not quite sure what you mean about storage at the domain. This wine was shipped from a retailer.

Thanks, Joseph. Sounds like a real nuisance to make a claim against FedEx in such a case. Another possibility is outside insurance, somebody suggested Bluewater (which is linked on CT). I think if you insure your collection with them it includes wine you’ve ordered, ie damage or loss during shipment. I don’t know how well this works (and in fact I have no connection with them).

Domaine Storage is located in NJ.

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Thanks, I am coming from the perspective of the shipper, sending out hundreds of orders a month. I still selectively insure packages with a seat of the pants risk assessment. For a time, I tried using Shipsurance as an alternative. My one interaction with them on a breakage instance required an onerous amount of documentation. I decided it wasn’t worth it and went back to carrier coverage. Unfortunately, the losses, in breakage instances, are a cost of business. At least in our case, the customer is made whole in one way or another.

Also, to be clear, we do get some reimbursements of $100 or less in breakage cases, but it’s unpredictable. Some claims are denied due to inadequate packaging, while others are approved for the exact same packaging. And there are some rare, rare instances of larger recoveries.

Thanks, I see what you mean. I guess that makes it more complicated/expensive tho, since it would require a second shipment or a pick up. So there’s no free lunch…

I know that Garagiste recently changed from UPS to CDL (a private company) because NY/NJ changed their shipping laws. Maybe this was the. reason.

Thanks Loren. I doubt this is it, Panzer has been shipping to NJ with no insurance for some years. As mentioned, he did tell me (maybe four years ago?) that there was no insurance but I had completely forgotten, and he didn’t bother to remind me.