I can’t seem to open…anybody else?

doesn’t work for me either - I sent them a message.


Jake of Cellarhound must have hacked in and destroyed their website, after they got kicked off!

neener [rofl.gif] [stirthepothal.gif]


Who needs a test team when we have you guys… :wink:

Exactly - whenever something goes wrong (technically) in the wine world, this gang will find it within milliseconds!

Me too!

I th ought it was my problem …
Glad it’s not [scratch.gif]

It’s like being without Google!

not being able to spend money on wine i cant fit in my cellar anyways is painful

There’s plenty of us here that will gladly help you ease that pain ! neener

…and some of us even pay for the pro version [oops.gif]

I’ve notice that most of the week … took it as a sign that I have enough…yeah, right…

maybe early wednesday i can stop by. my plan is to finally pick up my juice from TRB from the last 2 vintages.