Wine-Searcher Issue on iPad/iPhone?

I just noticed the other day that when I try to access W-S, they force Safari to go to the mobile W-S website which is a stripped down version that I don’t like and don’t need. Never had an issue previously so I don’t know why this is happening. Anyone else having this problem? Any way to prevent Safari from jumping automatically to the mobile version?

I have the same issue as well. Also, when I click the go to full site link and log into pro, even though I check the remember me box it doesn’t remember me. I have to re login to the site a few times a day. This is all on my iPhone 4.

Driving me crazy!

All the signs of compulsive behavior…

Have you guys posted in their forum or emailed them to let them know?

BTW, I just forwarded a link to this thread to Adon Kumar, the GM. I am sure he will get the right folks to look into it.

I did send them a note but haven’t heard anything back from them yet (though it was only a day or two ago so maybe I’ll hear back tomorrow). They must have made some sort of recent change which is causing this issue…hoping that they can reverse it. Interestingly between the time of my original post and now, the problem seems to have stopped on my iPad but remains on my iPhone… I certainly don’t mind the availability of a steam-lined “mobile” website but just wouldn’t want it to be mandatory on certain devices.

FYI, I was trading email with them on separate matters, and they did tell me that they are looking into this right now. So I suspect it will be resolved soon.

Glad to hear it. Thanks for bringing it to their attention.

The question to ask them is: Where is your iphone App?

very interesting question given Apple’s new policy on subscription based services. They would probably be okay, but if they offered a freemium version of their online version, they might have to offer the same aspect in-app and would therefore have to share 30% with Apple. This policy doesn’t apply to SaaS – and I’d argue that wine-searcher falls into this camp – but the execution has to be right.

I just tried this on my new iphone and had no problem. Same exact site that I get on my pc.

If they didn’t want to go with an App for the reason stated above, I’ve seen some high quality location aware, mobile sites. If you haven’t discovered check it out:

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xkcd on this very issue today:

If you don’t know xkcd, it is a very trendy comic that I love, even if I don’t get a significant percentage of the jokes.

Update…got an email this morning from W-S saying that they have turned off the automatic redirect to their mobile site and hope to include a user selected preference setting in the future.