Wine Retailers Nashville

Hi all,

We will dropping off my daughter at Vanderbilt to begin her college experience and spending a few days in Nashville. Any good suggestions for picking up a few nice bottles of wine?



Wearing their shirt right now. Great place.

Jim beat me to it. I’m not wearing the shirt but I do own the very same

Make it 3. Although it’s actually my wife’s shirt.

Jim/John/Brian…Do any of you live in Nashville? We are always looking to expand the local group.

Bill…I hope your daughter enjoys Vanderbilt. I work just down the street. I rarely purchase locally…mainly order from a few mailing lists at this point. Hard to find anything really interesting in Nashville. Agree that Woodland is a good spot. Grand Cru and Wine Chap are close to Vanderbilt…and Midtown Corkdorks has good prices…volume shop.

Have a safe trip. And enjoy some good food while you’re here.

Thanks all!

Adam - hit 5th & Taylor last night and O-Ku tonight - great food!


Oregon guy. Have had the privilege of selling wine in TN over the past 4-5 years and they, along with some other Nashville retailers, have been supportive and just great. Happy coincidence I was sporting their duds today!

I’m new to the area, but Woodland is the only local place I’ve bought from. Like Adam, I mostly buy from mailing lists. But most of my wine is currently stranded in California (with me not wanting to travel to get it), and I haven’t been wanting to have anything shipped here during the summer, so it’s been nice to have a local source of some decent stuff (and they special ordered some Liquid Farm from their distributor for me).


Lol that you had that shirt on today when I bought the equivalent of a case worth of awesome PGC of Vanderbilt gear at the bookstore today! Anyway hope to visit you soon again in OR. Between Marcus, Kelly F, Vandy, UMich, and PGC I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford to retire.

Seriously though love your wines - the golden age newsletter and the privilege to taste with you last fall was a privilege! Really enjoyed a 2013 Etzel Block a couple weeks ago.




Had to pick up a rug in Brentwood today so hit Franklin on the recommendation of good friends - special place - crazy history but let’s never forget history! Beautiful country!

Small world. My wife’s from Franklin so I’ve spent a ton of time there over the last 25 years! Amazing how it’s changed though over that time span.

No, I don’t live in Nashville. I was on here asking a similar question about 2 years ago before my first trip through Nashville. If I recall correctly, you were on of those who responded and helped direct me to Woodland as an option.

Another vote for Woodland. The owner, Will is the best. Unfortunately due to COVID they are not operating normally and I don’t think you can’t go in the shop right now–order online and then delivered to your car.

Big +1 on 5th & Taylor. Our daughter lives near Vandy campus and we go to Midtown Corkdorks.

Finally, I have a reason to create an account.

As others have said, Woodland Wine Merchant is probably the best in the city. They have a well curated selection and knowledgable staff. Midtown Corkdorks has a large selection across the board. But, they have some diamonds if you are willing to dig through. There is another small shop near Vandy called Harvest Wine Market that I visited recently. They have a small, well curated selection and the owners were friendly and helpful on each of my visits.

:pray: all! I think our bases are covered - from great selection to convenient.