Wine Preferences

What are your favourite wines to drink besides Bordeaux?

the list would be too long!!
I am really curious of any type of wine. They just have to be true wines with a personality. I do prefer a wine with a little problem but telling me a nice story than a perfect wine with no soul.
I am always interested to discover something new. I just had this week end a fantastic nebbiolo from a small appelation: an “Osso San Grato” 2006 from Antoniolo in the Gattinara Appellation. This is something very special!!

No surprise that you enjoy Nebbiolo, to me, as it can be so complex, ages so well, and has tons of structure - all very much like great Bordeaux.

What about whites? Are you more of a white Burgundy fan, or Riesling, or bubbles, or…?

What do you drink at the winery? Most American winemakers seem to consume copious amounts of beer while making wine, and the saying here is ‘it takes a lot of beer to make wine’

I love white wines and if I had to choose one region it would with no surprise Burgundy. But I am also very interested in alternative white wines as the great Savagnin from the Jura region, Petite Arvine from the Valais region or great Vermentino from Sardigna.

No beer at the winery. A little glass of the very confidential Palmer Blanc instead!!!


We do produce few bottles of a very special white wine for our own consomption. We use 3 grape varieties: muscadelle (50%), sauvignon gris (15 to 20%) and a very old one named Loset.
Few bottles of the 2010 vintage were sold on auction in march for a Charity.