Wine Pairing Help - Moroccan food

Here is what we are having tonight - picking a wine for this is outside my realm…

I was thinking a Zin or Syrah? Pinot may get lost? White?


With the turmeric, coriander, fennel, and cumin all make me think pinot on the riper side. If you have any KB, Sea Smoke, etc., I would go that way.

I have Inman, Arcadian, Rhys, Windy Oaks, R-M (rather let it age instead of popping)

Syrah side:Saxum, Shane, Arcadian, Tercero, Holdredge

I know that i have forgotten a few…

Cold Dry Rosé (bubbles optional), unoaked Tempranillo, Montepulciano or Sangioves, Lambrusco…


Moroccoan Resto- Aziza in SF has a great list that may offer some general ideas-" onclick=";return false;

I would actually try a Cotes du Rhone too, from a classic year (2001, 2004, maybe 2005, perhaps a not-too-ripe 2007)

With those aromatic flavors, I’d go with riesling (kabinett or spatlese) or beaujolais

I have had excellent luck with the Melville, Verna’s Viognier and at times a really nice Grenache Blanc.