Wine pairing for grilled Lamb with Rosemary and Mint?

Pinot or Syrah?



Keeping with the two options in the OP, Syrah.

Lose the mint and go with Bordeaux…

You are kidding, right? Lamb and Cabernet, lamb and Cabernet.

What about an out-of-the-box varietal? Tempranillo? Nebbiolo?

Nothing out of the box about lamb and Tempranillo. Breakfast of champions in Spain…

For my palate CdP goes perfectly with lamb.

Match made in 7th heaven.

Of your two choices, Syrah, especially if you have one with some earthy/gamy notes.

I would also suggest losing the mint.

Go with garlic and rosemary.

This was my first thought upon reading the title as well.

Graves and lamb is sublime.
I love Haut Brion with lamb with rosemary, but it has become very pricy. Aged Haut Bailly is a decent substitute.

We tend to Syrah, Zinfandel, or a GSM blend with lamb.

Grilled lamb is wine pairing superfood. It goes with a ton of wines. I would add Rioja, rustic rhones, and euro lager.

Still I would usually lean toward a bretty chateauneuf…beaucastel or pegau???

Thanks for all the suggestions. I couldn’t find a Syrah (there was some SQN, but I wasn’t going crazy). Wound up going with a 01 Rothwell Hyde Cab. Paired nicely.

Sounds great. One of the most memorable wine pairings I’ve ever had was grilled lamb and older cab. Unfortunately my wife had pet lambs as a little girl so lamb is not a frequent menu item at our house.