Wine Pairing Advice-Smoked Brisket

Question for fellow berserkers, what wine do you pair with brisket (assume beer isn’t an option) when it’s 80 degrees outside?

Most articles lean N Rhone/Zin, but those are the last things I want to drink when it’s hot out. Have people had any epiphanies with Rose, Riesling, or sparkling wines? I could see the acidity/sweetness pairing well but haven’t tried it in the past.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Vinod, what’s the preparation on the brisket? And what sauces / sides would there be alongside it?

Pair a Norton grape wine from either Stone House Winery in Spicewood, TX (called Claros in this instance), a Hellbender Norton from Crane Creek in Young Harris, GA or possibly the more accessible Norton from Stone Hill in Hermann, MO. Make sure the wine is aged at least four years or more. Your first sip will be slightly malic, but then settle down quickly thereafter.

There are 347 Norton wineries today in 26 states in which we’ve visited now almost 150 of these in seventeen states. Enjoy the video from Wine Spectator: Video Contest 2014, Winner: Norton, the Other American Grape Video | Wine Spectator

Or a slightly nuts take Doug Frost presents on Norton:


Texas style mix of wet/dry but no bbq sauce on top/just dry rub.

Will also have grilled lamb skewers, shrimp, and red peppers/eggplant/mushrooms as sides.

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I’ve never tried the combo, but suspect (proper) Lambrusco could work very well. They can be a little rasping without food (perhaps less so these days?), but shine with it… and can be served chilled.


Alas a gap in my cellar, but Lambrusco is great with bbq (and warm weather).


Ian, I love this idea, and am going to do so for my American-style barbecue party coming up next month!

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I might crack a young 2019/20 Bordeaux, or a Washington BDX blend. If you are looking for something better aligned with warm weather, a chilled Arbois rouge?

Edit to add, I like the Lambrusco suggestion… even better if the brisket is served with bbq sauce.


A slightly chilled Bonarda/Charbono on a hot day would be great with some smoked brisket.

I do think Central Coast G S and/or M goes great with very bold flavors of BBQ / smoked meats. Even if its hot out, serve it slightly more chilled than usual and enjoy.


So NOT Riunite…on ice?

I am unfamiliar with that beverage :sunglasses:

Magnums of Tempier Rose with a few years on it - like 2016 vintage would be perfect now.


Second this as well. 2018 and 2019 also in a really great spot right now too.

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Freisa, at least 3yrs after release (for that particular cut/method). Serve ~ 15,5C, watch it open.


Thanks for the Lambrusco suggestion. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that already. I have had a lot of problems matching to brisket and just about given up assuming nothing works. I will try a few Lambruscos with the next brisket I smoke. And maybe a freisa as well, which is another idea that I hadn’t yet tried.


This is my go to as well.

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If you can wait a day, I’ll let you know. We’re going to be having smoked brisket with guests in about two hours. I have more serious reds because the idea Of drinking Charbono or labrusca or Bojo does not work for me. We have these teed up:

Bit of a low fill on the leftmost bottle…


Can’t believe we are this far into the thread and no one has said beer

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