Wine Outlet in or around Clear Lake, Ca?!?!?

Just had a guy here going on an on about how he never pays more thatn $2.99 a bottle for wine (from Down Under, Europe, both SA’s and the US) because he buys everything at “a grocery out let in Clear Lake, it’s two hours north of San Francisco”…

Anyone have a clue what he is talking about? Is there a final destination liquidation place up there?

I had a guy in here, it’s been some time ago and he said he had a business (not sure if it’s the same) that liquidates wines that don’t sell. He said they don’t have a web site and don’t really advertise, it’s more word of mouth but they pick up wines from all over and move them at next to nothing. My understanding is it’s a last resort kind of place I guess.
I don’t remember his name or the biz name. I think he left me a business card I will have to dig it out but it sounds about right especially since Clear Lake isn’t that far from here.

This guy was going on about how “they have the same wine that’s $8 at the supermarket for $1.99”. I asked if, A) it was the same vintage and B) if it TASTED the same? He said he had never compared…

Roberto - there are a chain of grocery stores around Nor Cal, especially Santa Rosa, called the Grocery Outlet or something like that…well they specialize in close out items and apparently decent bottles of wine show up from time to time…have never been but assume most is generic grocery store wine that gets discounted even further at the Outlet. No threat to anyone’s business for the moderately interested to very interested wine consumer.

As I mentioned on “another” site, don’t dismiss the Grocery Outlet. My local store has a bunch of dreck, and then interesting things like 2003 Cockburn’s Vintage Port for $26 and 1998 Hardy’s Eileen Shiraz for $30. No damaged goods these. Recently they’ve been blowing out tons of southern hemisphere wines from Leucadia Imports out of SF. Tried a few, not my style but there are some serious bargains on wines from Murdock in Australia and Bouchard Findlayson in South Africa. More in my wheelhouse, I was glad to find $17 bottles of '04 Drouhin Laguiche Chassagne. Sorry I missed the '04 Jadot Clos des Mouches blanc for about the same. The Henriot NV Souvrain and Rose for $15 recently was a killer buy. I suppose I should be happy that most people dismiss this place.

We have a Grocery Outlet up here in Eureka. They have a brood selection of mostly crap, but there is the occasional deal. I haven’t been there in over ten years, but I have a friend who is just getting into wine and he goes and buys half a dozen bottles for 3-5$ each and opens them in the parking lot. If he likes any of them he’ll go in a buy a case. I thought it was pretty funny, but he’ll occasionally come around with something pretty good, for next to nothing. Go figure.

Count me as another Grocery Outlet fanatic! There is one just a mile from my house and I stop by once a week or so. You gotta kiss a lot of frogs - over the hill, heat damage, etc. - but there are many deals to be had. I see it as a treasure hunt - most labels there are no names, with no info on CT or other wino sites. You usually just have to go by clues from AVA, packaging (if it’s a big heavy bottle al a Kosta Brown, you know that this producer most likely meant the wine to be higher end), importer, etc. Its always an adventure with low risk, and the potential pay off of a great drinker for family parties @ $3 to $7.

Vincent - I’m a big fan of the Murdock wines they just got in. I thought they were pretty reserved for an Aussie - especially the Shiraz. My G.O. also had a grenache/syrah/tempranillo blend called Dos Trios from the same producer that I’m lovin’ as a midweek drinker! [cheers.gif]