Wine Merchants/Retailers in Baltimore

I am looking for wine stores in Baltimore. I would like to find merchants who know their wine and not just selling liquor.

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Bin 604 in Little Italy & Wells (up York Rd, just across the city/county line) are excellent. There are actually several very knowledgable shops in town, but those are my two favorites. Bin 604 is a little heavy on the Aussie wines, though (for my tastes).

Wells is running a buy one-get one half off sale (it actually starts on Wednesday for the public, but today if you’re a member of their email list). Same bottle only, though. (so basically 25% off two of the same bottle without having to buy a case of it).

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You should also check out Wine Source They have at least one free tasting, most weeks, very competitive pricing and very knowledgable staff.

Another vote for The Wine Source. To add to what Darryl said, they also have a broader selection than the other stores mentioned above.

A 3rd for the Wine Source. They are well stocked with recent vintage bottles and are gracious enough to accept my 3rd party shipments for me with no markup.