Wine in Grand Turk

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Were heading to Grand Turk for a couple of weeks in Dec. Does anyone have first hand experience of what wine might be available on the island (versus on Provo)? We don’t want the hassle of schlepping stuff ourselves (Ill probably pack a few bottles from the cellar in our luggage). Not expecting the sort of thing we found in St Martin (Bacchus in Hope Estate was a most welcome surprise), this will be a simpler vacation in all regards - which is what we want. Hoping that there will at least be tasty basic red / white for our deck and BBQ. I see references to duty free shops at the Cruise Centre but they seem focused on liquor.

Any other comments abut matters vinous or gastronomic would be very welcome. We have an apartment and will both cook ourselves and eat out.

Hey man, I own a house there and its my favorite place in the world. Unfortunately, the wine selection is shit. I always bring a case down for the cellar. Duty is reasonable and I’m always happy to have some special bottles on vacation. Feel free to PM me with specific questions to spare the board.

Hey thanks for replying, and I saw yr response on TA.
We are renting on Front St for 2 weeks just N of the Museum or S of Barbie’s - still trying to figure out which sounds better. haha. Dec 1 to 15.

How shit , precisely? DO you have any fer instances? We have (sort of) endured the wine at all inclusives - trips to Sandals have given me quite the education on low end Beringer :frowning:
I try to leave my inner wine geek behind when in the Caribbean (but that failed utterly in St Martin - have you been there? A whole 'nother story). For this trip all Im looking for locally is drinkable tasty wines for deck and BBQ. Ive just had some surgery so schelpping a case of wine on top of the luggage may be a bit of a challenge, my wifes portering abilities are limited - but will stash a few bottles in the luggage. All Im hoping for there is something like Cava, Chablis or Rioja that hasn’t been cooked (yes Im sticking with simple choices). Im guessing Champagne ( a good goto wine) would be crazy $$$. For two weeks can go without a lot of special bottles. Rose good too. Brangelena?

I guess qu 1 is - where in GT do you buy wine? Cree’s? I hope its not at the Cruise Centre (images of White Zin and Five buck chuck forming …). We only have 2 weeks so I dont see us commuting to Provo and back. One CAN drink beer with fish. If its cold (the beer)!

I just sent a long ish quizz to our landlord … may I send it to you too, various non-wine questions … Im finding the info on TA slightly contradictory and or a bit scattered.

Yeah man, no worries. Honestly, I think champagne is the best value on the island though you’re rolling the dice with heat damage. I’ve seen VC and dom, not terrible pricing considering the locale. I’ve never seen cava, chablis or rioja on island. I found some Jadot Beaujolais Village one time but thats about as AFWE as it gets. The only place to buy wine is Grand Turk Liquor, I don’t know Cree’s. Both spots you’re looking at for accomodation are basically the same location, if you’re looking at Island house, go for it, good people and a great place. Local beer is solid cheap lager, liquor is plentiful. I may be down there first week in December, I’ll be happy to share a bottle if so.

Thanks! Sorry if 1st msg and this a bit terse but I’m in catchup mode after minor op last week. Hopefully I can slow down later this evening and write a better note. Plus those other questions.
Other Jadots on the island or was the BV an aberration? Funny you should mention that, Beaujolais is something I’m keeping an eye on currently, well the Cru wines that is.
Interesting champagne is the value deal. I’ll have some follow up Qu probably.
I think our rental place is called Reef house or something like that (my wife made the booking). More shortly.