Wine impressions 7-19-22

Wine impressions 7-19-22

2020 Louis Claude Desvignes, Morgon Javernieres - a big mouthful of wine that is balanced, energetic and detailed. Clearly of its place and sumptuous. Another excellent reason to buy more Beaujolais.

1998 Lagier Meredith, Syrah - the first vintage from LM and it has developed nicely. While there is no rush to drink this, it shows layered Mt. Veeder fruit with a bit of a dusty/gamey note. I have been visiting LM over 20 years and this little piece of history means a lot to me. As do Steve and Carole.

2016 Tatomer, Riesling Steinhugel - Santa Barbara County fruit made by a man who studied/worked with Emmerich Knoll. This is a medium weight wine with good cut and good complexity. No petrol, no RS yet plenty to delight the senses. Yum.

2016 Dirty & Rowdy, Mourvèdre Antle Vineyard - a lightweight, fresh, deft version of this variety, perfect to accompany lighter fare. And, as with most D&R wines, a character that is hard to explain but easy to recognize - purity of expression without power. ‘Keeps me coming back.

2018 Harrington, Sagrantino Calleri Vineyard - grown in San Benito County but a knock-off for Umbria. Beautiful, eloquent and juicy - not descriptors one often used with Sagrantino but, when they are appropriate, as here, a wine to remember.

2019 Dirty & Rowdy, Syrah Brosseau Vineyard - vivid fruit, olives and underbrush accents and lots of length. This has developed a good bit since my last bottle and seems to be on a trajectory that should take it toward St. Joseph. Real good stuff.

2020 Dom. Pepiere, Muscadet La Pepie - fruit filled but with good cut, medium weight, brisk and a joy to drink. Summer in a glass.

2020 Gascon, Malbec - plonk . . . except when served with a three hour old last half of a Subway roast beef and chipotle sandwich in an Econo-lodge in south Georgia . . . then, it was fuckin’ killer. And reaches new heights with dark chocolate Oreos.
Timing is everything.

2021 Jadot, Beaujolais-Villages - as in most vintages, the best $11 bottle of red I know about. Wonderful balance, crisp, fresh, juicy and yet still some layered depth. Lovely texture. Not profound but everything an evening supper could ask.

2019 Louis Michel, Chablis Montmains- similar to its stablemate the Forets, lots of cut, concentrated, citric and stony but without the hard notes that can sometimes appear in Chablis; the kind of wine that you don’t care if it’s below room temp or not because it delivers regardless of temp. And the finish almost snaps it’s so bright and clear. This is why you buy Premier Cru - because it’s worth it.

Best, Jim


That Tatomer sounds interesting and a new one for me, will search for the producer.

Every gas station in America should carry the Jadot Beaujolais (instead of Gascon) I’m always more than happy to find it when the situation might otherwise be dire, and as you say it’s just solid wine (seemingly every vintage too)

They always say half the success in life is simply showing up. Thanks for the concise but vibrant notes.