Wine impressions 5-8-23

Wine impressions 5-8-23 (three days of tasting)

2019 Louis Michel, Forets - precise, balanced and crystalline; superb

2017 Marcel Servin, Blanchot - richer than the Forets but not as fresh; excellent

2015 Gilles Barge, St. Joseph La Ribaudy (Blanc) - pleasant but not memorable; good

2020 Pieropan, Soave Calvarino - slightly closed but fresh and lively with good energy and sustain; excellent

2018 Edouard Delaunay, Nuits-Saint-Georges - muddy, heavy handed and alcoholic; poor

1995 Chateau Montus, Madiran - not overly tannic, fresh fruit and nice balance; very good

2009 La Bastide Blanche, Bandol - a bit of bottle stink initially and quite resolved; good

2015 Clos de Gamot, Cahors Centenaires - pleasant but lacking energy; good

2003 Dom. de Fondreche, Ventoux Persia - big and alcoholic but lots of complexity and good fruit; very good

1998 Pichon Lalande - everything it should be except it’s speaking softly; very good

Day 2

2019 Soalheiro, Alvarinho Granit - bright, complex, agile with great cut and minerality; excellent

2017 SQN, Tectumque - viscous and tasty but ponderous; good

2019 Louis Michel, Les Clos - much too young, the lactic notes of a Chablis that is way too young to drink now; hold

2004 Chave Blanc - suave, precise, complex and fine; excellent

1999 Chapoutier, L’Emerte - pleasant, maybe even interesting but not in league with the Chave; good

2017 Andre Francois, Condrieu Maladiere - energetic, fresh, no Viognier cloy and fresh fruit; excellent

2007 Jamet, Cote Rotie - quite typical nose, medium body and good balance but lacking the core structure of most Jamet; very good

1998 Jamet, Cote Rotie - dried out, and disjointed, not gone but without charm; poor

2016 Cowan Cellars, Syrah Bennett Valley - took 30 minutes to open but was identifiable as Bennett Valley and had good fruit and complexity; well received by other tasters and in line with previous bottles I’ve had

2014 SQN, Syrah Water Dance - milk shake texture with simple fruit; poor

2019 White Rock, Blanc de Blanc - refreshing and charming, palate cleansing; good

2015 Jean Paul Jamet, Cote Rotie Fructus Voluptus - little typicity, soft fruit and short on structure; good

2013 Cayuse, Syrah Cailloux - vegetal and thin, some nice bacon notes on the nose but drinking it was hard; poor

2017 Jean Paul Jamet, Condrieu Vernillon - not without appeal but nothing striking; good

1999 Chave, Hermitage - at the pinnacle of what can be done with Syrah, ethereal yet earthy, powerful yet gentle and mind bendingly delicious; fantastic!

2018 Dom. Jasmine, Cote Rotie - pretty, typical of the AOC and easy to drink but not the character I associate with this house; very good

2009 Dom du Fauterie, Cornas Cuvée H - stunning fruit, old school structure and all the character of an aged Verset, an unexpected and wonderful surprise; superb

2007 Trinity Hill, Syrah Homage - good fruit and balance but I can’t find any real character here; good

1998 Chapoutier, Vin de Paille (375) - unctuous, very sweet and forgettable; good

2002 Ojai, Viognier Roll Ranch (375) - not near as sweet as the foregoing sticky and with more cut and complexity; very good

Day 3

1999 Guigal, Cote Rotie - a baby, representative of the AOC and lots of fruit but little showing today; hold

2017 Beaucastel, Rousanne VV - beautiful textures and flavors, precise balance, some complexity (but in time there will be more) and a joy to drink; superb

2017 Dom. Marcoux, CdP Blanc - similar to the foregoing wine but with less amplitude and not as integrated; excellent

2019 The Glories, No. 3 - somewhat disjointed, with an odd flavor I dislike and a bit cloying for me; poor

2013 SQN, Jusqu a l’os Grenache - simple, sweet, cloying and alcoholic; poor

1998 Beaucastel - textbook CdP, balanced, fragrant, silken and nice; excellent

2012 Chave, St. Joseph - needed time to open and was worth the wait, power with finesse, complexity with integration, great finish; excellent

2015 Pegau, CdP - young but classic Pegau, needs time but is still good now; very good

2016 Usseglio , CdP Centenaires - much the same as the Pegau but less integrated; good

2018 D&R, Mourvèdre Evangelho - complex, focused, beautiful weight and fruit, perfect balance; superb

2018 Clos du Caillou, CdP Reserve - fabulous fruit but insidious alcohol, that misshapes the wine, one glass will do; good

2018 Chat. de St. Cosme, Cotes de Rhone Blanc Le Poste - glorious, energized marsanne that keeps me coming back for more; superb

2017 S.C.Parnell, Grenache - very odd tasting Oz Grenache, not something I’m used to and I don’t think I want to get used to it; poor

1998 Pegau CdP da Capo - old, tired, maybe damaged; bad

2021 Tetramythos, Roditis - charming Greek white with verve and cut; good

2008 Chave, Hermitage - about 90% of what Chave rouge can be and that is yummy; excellent

2019 Les Allies, CdP - solid CdP but not more; good

2020 Guigal, Condrieu La Doriane - not as oaky as most years but still too much wood for me; good

2019 Rousset, Crozes-Hermitage - rough tannins but good flavors, maybe have a “water back” when ordering; good

2011 La Ferme Du Mont, CdP Cotes Capelan - nothing remarkable but nothing off; good

2002 Chave, Hermitage - for a vintage that is not highly touted, Chave creates something that over achieves; excellent

1997 Araujo, Cabernet Sauvignon Eisele Vnyd. - I am not a Napa cab. guy but this is more about Eisele than cab. Identifiable as Eisele; excellent.

2015 Dom. Saint Gayan, CdP - not bad, not memorable; good

2020 Martin Mullen, Riesling Krover Kirchlay Trocken - bright, cheerful, palate cleansing and yummy; very good

2015 Arpepe, Valtellina Grumello - lightweight but full of flavor and complexity, joyful; excellent.

Best, Jim


Thanks for sharing Jim. I always love reading your notes!

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Always enjoyable, and useful.

Unfortunate about the da Capo. The regular cuvée is still really showing well but should be consumed in the next few years. Maybe the importer will chime in….

Very much appreciate the 2008 Chave note. I have been thinking about the bottles in my cellar since they have reached the 15 year mark.

I don’t think they’ll go south anytime soon but this certainly is a drinking window if this bottle was representative.

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It’s a shame you had a damaged bottle of 1998 Jamet. I’ve had it a few times in recent years and it has been consistently fantastic.

Someone else just said something very similar elsewhere. No great wines - only great bottles.

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This is great to hear. Though I realize 2009 is a much better year, I have some 2018 VV that Sylvain mixed what would normally go into the Cuvée H into, and I’m looking forward to trying it in a few years.

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Thank you as always for bringing Evangelho Mourvèdre out in such great lineups.

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This group was not all that familiar with your work but they were impressed - maybe not as much as I am but then, I figure to start a new line of HW sunglasses soon to be available in a certain new tasting room in Sonoma. Congrats on that.


Ha! We’ll need those shades!

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