Wine impressions 11-2-22

Wine impressions 11-2-22

2012 Lagier-Meredith, Malbec - while fan of neither the grape nor the style, one must give credit when a plan comes together. With home-made pizzas, this was terrific - powerful against the cheese and starch but flavors that matched well with mushrooms. An unexpected treat.

2021 Vincent, Pinot Noir Ribbon Ridge - another in the line of well crafted, firmly structured Ribbon Ridge Pinots from this producer with lots of fruit. I buy a case yearly and always feel I under purchased.

2012 Cowan Cellars, Pinot Noir Anderson Valley - my favorite of all the Pinots I made and still true to its turf, supple and in no danger of fading.

2020 Louis Michel, Chablis Butteaux - it’s already shed the lactic note I often get from very young Michel and shows good character and depth. The lemon skin notes harmonize well with the mineral/chalk elements, even at so young an age. Good stuff. (Note: this is not the VV)

N/V Guy Larmandier, Cramant Brut Zero Grand Cru - while bubbles are fine they usually do not impress; this does. With a few years, this may actually make me a champagne nut. Young but promising.

N/V Tarlant, Brut Nature - another lovely wine, seeming more ready to drink than the preceding. Hard to choose between the two, at present.

2019 Francois Pinon, Vouvray Sec - I wanted quality Vouvray Sec when I bought this and I got it. And for about half of what I’d have to pay for Huet or Foreau. While I love them all, I’m happy with the price and the wine.

2019 Dom. Pepiere, Clisson - atypical Muscadet but a beautiful, balanced wine that gives me more volume and texture than most Muscadet but keeps the acidity. A fav in my house.

2011 Dom. de Roally, Vire-Clesse - opened to accompany beet and ginger soup; which it did well. The RS has never suited me despite the obvious quality of the wine but it has calmed and, with the right food, sings - it’s swan song however, as this is the last bottle of a case.

2018 Dirty & Rowdy, Mourvèdre Evangelho Vineyard - even with decanting for an hour or so, this is very much the same showing as I have gotten on most occasions I’ve opened one. That said, it will do. IMO, one of the great red wines of CA and it never disappoints.
Maybe, just maybe, I’ll age one long enough . . .

2007 Huet, Clos du Bourg Moelleux - a marvelous, constantly changing, fully engaging wine that carries its RS well and was excellent with fresh pears.

Best, Jim


Thank you, Jim! The '18 Evangelho has always been one of my fav. vintages and overall favorite wines I’ve produced.

I think as a vineyard Evangelho retains its freshness and evolves slowly in the bottle. The Ridge Evangelho wines I’ve had from the 90’s felt like they were closer to 10 years old vs 25-30.

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As much as I appreciate the info, I only have so much time, man . . . maybe I’ll get there.
Even if I don’t, they are always a treat.
And my daughter is slowly but surely coming to appreciate such wines.
Either way, they’ll stay in the family.


Thanks as always for the notes Jim, I always enjoy reading your comments on wines…

I drank a bottle of the 2018 Dirty & Rowdy Shake Ridge Ranch Mourvedre a few nights ago, wow, it was such a great wine! I should have decanted it, it was good on the first night, but the 2nd half of the bottle the next night was superb…juicy but not over the top, fresh acidity, and totally balanced…a real treat


D&R/EXDwineCoY Evangelho might very well be the last thing I give up when I actually stop buying wine. OK, maybe Evangelho in general.

Appreciate the Vincent note as always. I may crack open a 2021 tomorrow, or at least this weekend.

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I felt '18 Ridge Evangelho was one of the best field blend reds made that vintage. I thought it was right up there with any of the others including Geyserville and Lytton Springs. The staff loved it. I purchased '19, but haven’t had a chance to try it.

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