Wine Hunter: 2007 Arcadian Sleepy Hollow Pinot $24.99 & Free Shipping

@ Wine Access

Free shipping on 4 or more bottles. $24.99 per with a case purchase, $27.99 for 6-11 bottles and $29.99 for 1-5 bottles.


Just so all of the grand cru members don’t get pissed, this is the same offer for members that is on his website. Win win and free shipping. Anybody try the wine?

Enticing case price…but that’s a lot of Pinot, so I bit on 6 (felt even better after a $25 coupon code they sent to entice me back after having not made a purchase from them in a while).

Really nice CT reviews too.

Edit: Tom, check out the CT. FMIII dug it, as did brigcampbell.

Thanks for posting. I bought a case. If Joe Davis thinks this is at the level of the '01 and '05, this is certainly a no-brainer of a deal.

Does anyone know if the “young vines” portion of Sleepy has made it in the main wine yet, or is this still all from the original plantings?

Thanks for the tip. I’m a huge fan of the 2005, but I’ve never gotten around to other vintages.

Thanks, they’re sending a case to this place!

joe’s sleepy hollow is always a very nice wine, but they need ~ 10 years on them.

Hey Kevin - not sure 10 years is a necessity, but I would definitely recommend 7-8.

bit on 6. thanks!

Guess it depends whether you’re measuring from release date or vintage date. By far the best Arcadian I’ve had so far was the 2001 Sleepy Hollow pinot a couple of months ago, absolutely stunning. I’ve had it a number of times over the years and it has never been nearly as impressive as it is now. The delta between 7 years and 10+ years was huge.