Wine Gift Ideas?

Hi. I’m giving a colleague a bottle as a gift, but I wanted to supplement it with something else. Any ideas?

Something inexpensive, yet practical, and definitely not tacky.

This would be great, but I’ve never seen it before:

Has anyone ever used this? Are Amazon reviews trustworthy? It seems like a very useful and unique piece, and at that price, exactly what I need. If the reviews are to be trusted I’d get one for myself too, and maybe some more for future gifts as well.

If anyone has used this, I’d appreciate your insight! If you have any other gift ideas that would be great as well.


“The Corkfish® is an ingenious gadget that makes retrieval of wine corks as easy as catching fish in a barrel! Just slip the flexible, strong stainless basket into the neck of the wine bottle, let the stray cork float into the basket, and pull firmly on the sturdy stainless steel handle. Voila! Out comes the cork! The Corkfish comes with a handy piece of gauze mesh stored in the handle to retrieve even tiny cork fragments. A simple answer to a tough problem.”

You push the cork in and then retrieve it from the wine in which it is floating? That is not something I would want. I thought it was an Ah-so at first.

Get a nice waiter’s corkscrew to go along with the bottle. Not sure $15 is enough, though. I have no ideas in the $15 range.

A really nice corkscrew.

Double hinged corkscrew

What bottle of wine did you purchase?

kylemittskus- I’d use it mainly for the little pieces that sometimes break off. Doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, it’s a pain. I’ve also had a cork break in half once, with the other half ending up in the bottle.

Rick: Haven’t decided! Might re-gift instead of buying. Have to see what’s in stock.

Thanks for the ideas!

I have one. It works, but quite frankly I forgot that I had one until you just posted. If someone opens a lot of older bottles it would be useful to have. I’m not sure about giving it as a gift though.