Wine Future Rioja-Director Arrested" onclick=";return false;

Good stuff…fraud in Spain…unrelated to Sierra Carche.


Thanks for posting. To be fair, it is alleged fraud … in Dubai. Will be interesting to see what happens.

Sorry, Douglass, I am constantly telling lies. headbang

All of the Sierra Carche was delicious yesterday, my wife gave them 97 points!

Dan–Per the article, the fellow wasn’t actually arrested–just a warrant issued that may or may not be challenged. Also, the Dubai matter, as far as I can tell, has nothing to do with wine.



That was mentioned in a few Spanish wine bulletin boards a while ago but the threads disappeared.

The link below is from the Interpol site:" onclick=";return false;

Interesting that the Interpol folks used the same picture he uses on his website." onclick=";return false;

The Interpol site states he was born in Spain but he was actually born in Chile and moved to Spain when he was 13 years old. No wonder why they have so much trouble finding people from their wanted lists. They can not get the basic data right!


Hey Dan, I think you just blew your chance at that free trip to Spain (and possibly your spot on the Brewer Clifton mailing list neener [basic-smile.gif] ).