Wine future Rioja 09'

Here is a recap of Wine future Rioja 09’ from
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Thanks, Mark. I heard that Parker took his shots at “irresponsible bloggers” for a change.


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Did he state ‘present company excluded’ at all?

At the conference, much of the talk was about how the future of wine journalism is blogging, then Parker goes on its rant…I am awaiting the video of his commentary.

I also saw an email that his tasting showed very poorly. That many of the wines were not good, but I got no more specifics.

See post 38

No conflict of interest there for David Denton…

I just ran Parker’s Grenache tasting > in Logrono, Spain last week where we had 7 great 2007 CDPs. All 7 were smokin.

I trust my source…

I was just sayin??? [swoon.gif]

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Parker finds himself kissing up to Gary V.

In addition, the “responsible” blogging site he refers to has his event at 450 ppl, not “650 ppl, with a waitlist of 200”

Now, I am told that there were only seats for 500 people!

I cannot wait to see the video of a 2-3 minute standing ovation. Never even seen that at a concert. Usually one minute tops…

deadhorse deadhorse deadhorse

Wow, that’s disgusting.

You can watch the video of the standing ovation for Bob Parker here…" onclick=";return false;

It went on for 25 seconds by my count.

the one for the cooks (I assume those in black t-shirts were the cooks/chefs) was 40 seconds by my watch

And I got 26 seconds for his.

Perhaps his ‘3 minutes’ was ‘3 minutes Canadian’…that’s what he was referring to. Otherwise, he was ‘just kidding’ or ‘trying to make a joke’.

yeah, I did not want to embarass him by letting him know that the help got more applause than him.

I like how he can be seen actually clapping for himself … klassy. [thumbs-up.gif]