Wine fridge recommendations

Looking to add a new fridge, maybe 200 bottle capacity or so. I have a La Cache, and while I agree they are excellent (both quality and service), they are on the pricey side (around $4,000+ for that size).
So, since I haven’t shopped for one in a few years, I’m wondering what the Board’s feelings are on currently available brands in terms of quality, reliability, and value. Thanks in advance for any thoughts and recommendations.

Have you checked Craigslist… I picked up a Vinotemp 600-E holds ~450 bottles @ 2 deep with a working cooler for $300. Lots of deals to be had if your patient around the SF Bay area. Can’t comment on other regions but I have seen many good deals to be had…


Agree with Sean. Monitored CL SoCal for about a year and scored Eurocaves for $150 (old) and $400 (brand new) and a 600 btl La Cache for under $1k. Insane