Wine Finder: Domenico Clerico

Just got an email from Gordon’s Fine wine and Liquor for Clerico’s 08’s.
Pajana- $39.99

Got that, too. Impressed by the price, but I just don’t know if I can risk waisting even one more dollar on another Clerico. I’ve disliked every btl I’ve ever tasted, but the last (and worst) vintage I’ve tried is the '99 Percristina. Any improvement since those days, like a major dial-back on the oak and extraction and whatever other techiques were used to make great grapes into undrinkable wines?

Reminds me of when Gordon’s was blowing out the Aussies last Fall. So cheap one is actually tempted to bite even though the wine is just so awful.

But what an awesome deal! [snort.gif]

Do they ship outside of MA? Any way folks can put in an order?

Yes, they ship and I would say that is their downfall, it’s expensive.

Too bad the wines have been stripped of their soul.