Wine drinkers in Cleveland

I’m relatively new to the Cleveland area. I’m no wine expert at all but enjoyed drinking some nice wine back home in New York and am looking for some wine friends. Personally, my time is limited because of the nature of my work but it would be great to get a group of local enthusiasts together for a small tasting or to be introduced to existing groups in the area.


Mike is a good friend and a great guy! Can personally vouch for his palate and knack for picking interesting wines.

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Mike, I am in Warren, right next to Youngstown. About an hour away. If you are able to put something together please keep me in the loop.

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In addition to Pat, ping Loren Sonkin and Jeff King. Charlie Luhta as well. Great folks all of them.

PM me for contact info

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I might be persuaded to come up for the right event.

As could i

Hi Dave, for some reason I don’t have the option to PM. New to this forum perhaps that’s why?

Michael, I sent you a PM - check your inbox.

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