Wine Connection frustration--is this typical?

I’ve had three orders pending with Max until suitable shipping weather arrived. Over the course of four weeks, I sent four separate e-mail requests to confirm shipping. None were specifically replied to, although one order did ship and I received notification of that. No clue as to the status of the other orders, though I certainly get enough solicitations for new offers.

I intend to call, but I wonder if this is folks’ typical experience or an aberration. Can’t say I’m pleased with the communication.

While everyone I know has nothing but great things to say about Max, I had been emailing into a black hole for six months until, eventually, I took it up with my credit card company.

Interesting. How does the 60-day rule for disputing a charge work when shipment is delayed more than 60 days from the charge?

I intend to. However, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a retailer who offers a web-based ordering portal to actually respond to email, and in fact I’ve never had this issue with any of the many others with whom I’ve done business; hence the question.

Its Nov/Dec in the wine business, people are swamped, and you act like yours is the only email they get in a day. This time of year a phone call goes a long way.

Give it a chance, it’s not like he has 100 employees.

After a couple dozen emails, I finally got my bottles from an order placed in 2009

Which e-mail address do you use…I’ve always gotten an prompt response from

Yeah, that’s the one.

As for those who want to blame the customer: fire away; I don’t much care. But I’m certainly not going to apologize for expecting service from someone who’s holding thousands of my dollars.

Good job Todd. Your persistence has paid off. Now u have more Borolo to replace the others that were no bueno.

I’m just saying in this day and age too many people think email is a conversation, it’s not. Make a phone call, human to human, and if nothing happens flame away.

Until you talk to someone, everything you claim is an assumption. Maybe your emails go to a spam folder, maybe they get 1000 a day, who knows. Email is not a substitute for human interaction.

There is no way to know if you email has been received, so it would make sense to call. Probably took longer to post this thread.

I’ve been having the same problems in fact. I meant to call again today and it slipped.

That said, my story is very similar. I have roughly 2.5 cases of wine there (2003 Leoville Barton, others) and I emailed several times towards the end of August/September. I placed a call at the beginning of October and asked for my wines to be shipped. Never were they. I called again the first week of November and spoke to one of the guys there (different one, not Max in either instance) and he assured me that my wines would be going out.

I’ve yet to receive them.

In fact, I am a bit bothered by the whole thing as a matter of fact. Its like I am buying these wines as Futures or something as they have indeed been there for some time. Never once has anyone reached out to me regarding clearing the shipping window or similar. Maybe I just get better customer service from JJ Buckley, K&L, WineBid and everyone else I buy from.

Frankly, I am perplexed and glad this thread is out there.

Now this is getting scary. Thanks for the info.

just call him and speak to anyone there. They are a small shop, it might help to call on a Monday or Tuesday when the work load is lower than the weekend.

I’ve sent four emails regarding a wine purchased in feb. the thing that bothers me besides no reply is that the wine has been showing 40+ in stock on their web site for the last 3 months.

all I would like is a reply. I can understand certain things and I’m a very tolerant person. I reply to the emails I get about wine for sale but nothing. there have been some wines i would like to buy from them but at this point until I get my wines shipped I have no desire to buy from them.

Call - emails are easy to avoid.

I agree with everyone who says to call…however, why even have an email address if it is not going to be used.

wonder why they aren’t shipping wines

they are still sending out email offers

I had a similar issue with Max and hesitated to post here thinking my issue was an isolated situation. I emailed Max’s team for 6 months and left voicemails but no response. I finally put more persistent (i.e. called more frequently) and spoke to an employee who was very courteous and got my wine shipped on the day I suggested.
In summary, I believe WineConn to be a decent operation that gets you your wine. However, in this age of emails and focus on customer service, this operations leaves a lot to be desired. Funny thing is that if I email back to a wine offer from WineConn, I usually get an answer within the hour…so clearly they are ignoring emails that are not leading to incremental sales.

A shop that promotes its online innovations really should respond to email. However, in my case, I have called numerous times (each time, I receive an apology and assurance it will be dealt with immediately). I have also emailed numerous times. I am fairly patient (orders going back over one year), and for a while just chalked it up to disorganization. However, he was never disorganized enough not to charge me within minutes of getting an order.