Wine Check and Alaska Airlines get 'married'

Never any issues with SWA when I’ve checked wine;they only care that it is securely packed. They do require you to sign a waiver of responsibility so I have them place FRAGILE stickers on the box.

Flying out of LA using Alaska airlines next month!! Is this for wine only? Can I use this service to bring some bourbon home? This is great though!

Either way - to/from

They don’t open it and check, so if you use a Wine Check or shipper box…I don’t see why not [whistle.gif] If they DO open it up, no-go, I assume…

You would be a gentleman and a scholar in my book if so. Will be smarter in the future when I check the darn thing. Great product though. Got everything there safe and sound.

U can others anything u want in it. They don’t open the luggage up.

I’ve put wine. Beer. Kids clothing etc.



Slimmer shoes work nicely as well, such as on the way over to Europe.

It says wine check. But it really is “life check”.

TM that slogan right now! :wink:

On the way!

Thank you very much!

I may have to get a winecheck just in case as I fly with AS exclusively. Though I’ve never flown with wine before.

Am going to be in McMinnville and Woodinville in June, will buy a Wine Check before we go…This will be our first trip on Alaska Air but our daughter uses them all the time, most recently today.

Just a tip…if you are a Mileage Plan member, they have a ‘special offer’ for their Alaska Wine Checks…

I’ve mixed other spirits and even puts Rick Allens beer in them with no issues ever from TSA. This is fantastic news for Alaska Flyers. I fly southwest most often and their 2 bags free per person works well. I’ve seen airports like OAK run promotions where wines flies free but that’s a promotion and not the norm. All I can say is my wine check makes carrying wine on a plane effortless. I bring wine back from LA and OC when I visit there and carry 2 cases to Utah every time I board a plane to theirs. All the SF Bay area airports in general are very used to people checking wine as baggage. I’ve even checked raw boxes before but moving them is a total PITA. Wine Checks to me are great value and make lugging 40 lb cases of wine darn easy.

Southwest is a bit of a scam with their wine promotions, because they sell this huge inflatable wine bottle sleeve that they often REQUIRE you to purchase to check wine. No other professional packaging, or even similar wine sleeve, even if it’s the same brand, same inflatable one (provided by Pregis, whom we worked with years ago to see if we could come up with a shipper box insert that was completely foldable/collapsible for travel, so the Wine Check could fold, the outer box could fold, and the inserts could be flat, but without fail the inflatable sections deflated - about 1 of 10 did - yet Southwest got suckered into carrying and selling them). Not all enforce it - it’s completely random - but some do, and they will NOT let you check your wine without buying those sleeves and they inflating them. Guess there’s a commission structure going on with the desk help, and if they need extra cash, they’ll enforce it.

I often fly Southwest and have never had an issue with checking wine in a WineCruzer (Pelican case w/foam inserts) or Wine Check. Never encountered one of the inflatable sleeves. But I’m boarding in Baltimore.

Todd, you can’t tease the frequent flyers reading this thread. Do tell?

If you are a ‘frequent flyer’ on Alaska, the offer is posted on their Mileage Plan special offers…but you should already know that… neener

So you’re suggesting it’s ok for me to offer Wine Checks at 10% off in Commerce Corner since I’m a Mileage Plan member? [wink.gif]
If ok, I can then brag about it in the Jay Hack a$$hole thread.

I have no idea what you are saying…

Any Alaska Mileage Plan members have access to their special offer, which I’m not advertising on here, as it’s Alaska’s special offer