Wine Cellars/storage

Can anyone recommend, based on personal knowledge, a good wine cooler (capacity for 100+ bottles) not walk in type for use within a home?
Manufactures tend not to be overly informative about product. Don’t want to shell out thousands before getting some feedback. Thanks.

I think that the best brands are:

Le Cache, good value, straightforward pricing structure, quality cabinets and solid cooling systems that are easily replaced. OUTSTANDING customer support

Vinotheque, more expensive, lots of designs and options, quality cabinets and good cooling systems.

Have purchased from this company with good results . . .

i have a 166 bottle Avanti that has been good storing my white and dessert wines. was delivered for < $1K.

ha, different experience here. Fortunately no marketing calls, but a different lesson learned. Bought a 100 bottle cellar from them thinking I would never fill this thing up many years ago. Happens very quickly so buy a 250 bottle cellar, same thing shortly after! Gave up and built cellars or stored in professional storage ever since . . . [cheers.gif]

I purchased a silent cellar from the wine appreciation guild in SF and it has no compressor or moving parts; the technology is widely used in camper refrigerators." onclick=";return false;